HISP 164


This video features one image with voice over.

Image: [A blue-shirted, bearded man speaks in a white room with white closet double-doors and white bureau behind him.]

Voice-over: "Hola, my name is Dr. Ospina León.

In this class, we´re going to ask ourselves one question. Is there such a thing as Latin America? Do Latin Americans consider themselves part of a single, broad-reaching entity? Or do they think of their identities in different terms. By looking at key and canonical literary works from across the continent, from Argentina, to Mexico, and even across the US-Mexico border, we are going to explore that question. We will look at different axes particularly race, class, and gender, and through these axes, we will try to understand what does it mean to be a Latin American or being in Latin America.

It will be a very exciting course. See you in class!”