HISP 20b


HISP 20: Continuing Spanish, Brandeis University

This video features a montage of images with voice over.

On-screen text: [Spanish Language Courses Brandeis University]

New on-screen text: [Hisp 20: Continuing Spanish Brandeis University]

A mosaic animation dissolves the tiles to video of a woman talking to the camera. The woman’s name, Prof. Christa Gould appears on the screen.

Voice-over: "Hisp 20 is our second semester course here at Brandeis. While still a beginners' course, it is designed to help students to build on the foundation they have in Spanish whether that be through Hisp 10 or previous high school courses.

New image: [Hisp 20: Continuing Spanish, Interactive course followed by 4 photos: one of a hand holding a book open; another of a woman writing in front of an open window; a third of a person in headphones leaning over a writing pad; and a fourth of two women talking to each other sitting on the sill of a picture window in front of another many-windowed building. The words, reading, writing, listening, speaking appear one by one over the image.]

Image changes back to: [original woman speaking.]

Voice-over: "Hisp 20 is an interactive course in which you will continue to develop your skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. You'll have many opportunities to explore authentic resources such as music videos,”

New image: [The words, “Bomba Estéreo”and “#AsiSoyYo” are written on green background with young girl in glasses in foreground.]

Voice-over: "infographics,”

New image: [a chart with pictures of popcorn, a computer, a tv, drawing of girl sitting cross-legged with computer on her lap. The words on the chart are: Actividades de ocio preferidas por los jóvenes, 94% Ver películas o series, 87% Ver canals temáticos en internet o contenidos en YouTube, 94% Salir o reunirse con amigos, 88% Ir al cine, 92% Escuchar música, 91% Ver televisión.]

 Image changes back to: [original woman speaking.]

Voice-over: “short films, articles and websites in Spanish.

You will also frequently interact with your peers and instructor to develop conversational skills and refine your writing skills through real-world tasks, such as writing restaurant reviews”

Image changes to: [picture of a stone building with flower pots bursting with flowers in the windows and on walk with sign “restaurante” over door.]

Image changes back to: [original woman speaking.]

Voice-over: “or blog posts. In terms of content, in Hisp 20, we explore a variety of relevant questions such as how do I express my personality”

Image changes to: [black line drawing of two halves of a human brain. The left side has mathematical equations scribbled on it; the right side is splattered with bright colors.]

 Voice-over: “what is the role of food in culture,”

 Image changes to: [a picture of two corncobs on a sheet of waxed paper, smothered in hot sauce, paprika, a white sauce and probably cilantro]

 Voice-over: “and how does food bring us together?”

 Image changes to: [someone pouring a glass of white wine at a bar. 4 glasses of already poured red wine are lined up on the bar.]

 Image changes back to: [original woman speaking.]

Voice-over: “How do I want to contribute to my community and what makes a city special? “

Image changes to: [an aerial view of a city in the mountains in the early evening. A cathedral is lit up with orange light in the center of the photo.]

Image changes back to: [original woman speaking.]

Voice-over: “Each of those questions provides us with a mirror by which we examine our own perspectives and practices and a window through which we learn about other cultures and their practices and perspectives. If Hisp 20 sounds like a good fit for you, we hope you'll join us as we explore these questions and support one another on the journey of acquiring Spanish.”

Image on screen changes to: [For more information, visit our website: brandeis.edu/romance-studies, Brandeis University]