HISP 32/34


This video features a montage of images with voice over.

On-screen text: [Spanish Language Courses Brandeis University]

New on-screen text: [Hisp32/34: Intermediate Spanish, Brandeis University]

A mosaic animation dissolves the tiles to video of a woman talking to the camera. The woman’s name, Prof. Kristen Turpin appears on the screen.

Voice-over: "In Hispanic Studies, we offer 2 courses at the 30 level: Hisp 32 and 34 so students often ask: How are these courses different? How do I select which one to take? Well, both of these courses fulfill the language requirement at Brandeis, and they share the same ultimate goal: to help you develop real-world language skills”

Image on screen changes to: [image of part of globe with buildings representing different countries (windmill, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, buildings with Russian, etc. following curve of globe with plane flying overhead.]

Image on screen changes to: [a red stucco home with large windows facing out to balcony from which hangs hand-made sign of rainbow with heart and the word “resistiremos”.] 

Voice-over: "in an intellectually engaging environment that means that we want you to think meaningfully about cultural differences as you practice using your Spanish in everyday situations that you're going to encounter outside the classroom.”

Image: [returns to woman speaking.]

Voice-over:  “One difference is that Hisp 32 places more emphasis on oral communication whereas Hisp 34 is a more inquiry-driven experience”

Image changes to: [The front cover of the book «La casa en Mango” with the rest of the title, “Street” cut off.] 

Voice-over: “in which students' exploration of cultural topics” is actively shaping course content.” 

Image: [returns to woman speaking.]

Voice-over: “In both of our courses our dynamic team of instructors personalize course content based on student interests and we are committed to making our classrooms a space here you feel comfortable making mistakes exchanging with your peers and challenging yourself. That said, you really can't go wrong enrolling in either course. Hope to see you in one of these courses. our third semester courses next semester.” 

Image changes to: [Intermediate Spanish Hisp 32: Conversation Hisp34: Topics in Hispanic Culture, Brandeis University]

Image changes to: [For more info, visit our website: brandeis.edu/romance-studies]