Portuguese Course

With over 220 million speakers across five continents, Portuguese is one of the top six most spoken languages in the world. Furthermore, with more than 400,000 speakers in Massachusetts of Portuguese, Brazilian, and Cabo Verdian heritage, Portuguese is a language of historical importance for the state.

Beach in Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal

Photo Credit: Kristie Dickinson

Portuguese 14B: Accelerated Beginning Portuguese is an intensive, one-semester course designed for speakers of other Romance languages. It combines the study of language and culture that prepares students for both local and global encounters. Using the Ponto de Encontro text book, students in Portuguese 14b can individually select between the Portuguese dialect of Brazil and Portugal for out of class practice, while the classroom space focuses on a comparative, inclusive approach.

Due to shared grammar and cognates, and patterned differences, motivated students can learn Portuguese at a faster rate than the standard language class. This course combines two semesters in one, an accelerated approach that is common to many peer institutions. All elements of fundamental grammar are covered, as well as vocabulary and culture.


Laura Brown
Laura Brown
Lecturer in the Department of Romance Studies
781-736-2293 Brown Social Science Center, 101 (MS 095)
Office Hours: M,W 2:00–3:00; and by appointment.

Continued Learning

Portuguese 14b is designed as a starting point for various pathways to proficiency. The following options below are the most likely courses of study for continued learning.

Note: Credits abroad count towards a variety of majors and minors (such as Latin American and Latino Studies, International and Global Studies and other disciplines).