Zeiss LSM880 Airy Scan Fast Confocal System

Zeiss 880 FAS

Spectral detector 32 channels GaAsP PMT plus 2 channels MA-PMT    Airyscan SR module GaAsP for LSM

Axio Observer 7 SP stand for LSM 880 with DF2 objective turret Axio Observer 7 with motorized focus drive (min. step width 10 nm), path deflection to the tube, motorized 3-position optovar turret, objective turret 6x mot H DIC for Definite Focus.2, TFT touchscreen, Z-drive operation

Transmitted light detector T-PMT for detection of DIC, IR-DIC with laser illumination

Scanning Stage 130x100 STEP Set for LSM consists of: - Scanning Stage 130x100 STEP with stepper motor (2 mm spindle pitch) incl. Stepper controller SMC 2009, Joystick XY, fixed motor cable with exit on stage left back side and universal mounting frame K (160 mm x 110 mm), also suitable for Z-Piezo - travel range: 130 mm x 100 mm (adjustable) - max. speed: 25 mm/s - resolution: 0.1 μm - reproducibility: +/- 1 μm - absolute accuracy: +/- 5 μm - stage surface: 325 mm x 144 mm - compatible with objectives   Stage attachment Z PIEZO WSB 500 (D) for mechanical and scanning stages Axio Imager and Axio Observer - for mounting on top stage plate - travel range in Z: 500 μm - max speed: 5 mm/sec - resolution: 1 nm autocorr

Microscopy Workst. Premium, User PC for LSM, ELYRA and CD7, Win 10 (O) HP Z840 Workstation for LSM, ELYRA and CD7 systems - CPU: 2 x Intel® Xeon® E5-2623v3 4-Core 3.0 GHz - Memory 64 GB (4x16) DDR4-2133 MHz ECC registered RAM (12 slots free) - Hard Drives: 4 x 2 TB as 4 TB RAID 10 drive - Nvidia Quadro K2200 4 GB graphics - Dual integrated 10/100/1000 LAN interface - Slim DVD +/- RW recorder for rewriteable media - Rescue kit: (USB stick 16 GB recovery image)

ZEN 2.3 system US Hardware License Key Image acquisition and processing under Win 7 / 10 x64. User interface configurable, control of the Carl Zeiss microscope systems and components, extensive acquisition and analysis. CZI image format. The following modules are included: - ZEN Module Measurement - ZEN Module Multi Channel - ZEN Module Panorama - ZEN Module Manual Extended Focus - ZEN Module Image Analysis - ZEN Module Time Lapse - ZEN Module Z Stack - ZEN Module Extended Focus - ZEN Module Autofocus - ZEN Module Colocalisation - ZEN Module Spectral Unmixing (LSM only)

Objective PApo 10x/0,45 WD=2.0 M277

Objective Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.8 M27 (FWD=0.55mm),

Plan-Apochromat 63x/1.40 Oil DIC f/ELYRA   Laser Rack LSM 880 incl. 633nm Laser Laser diode 405nm Laser Argon-Multiline 25mW (D) with electronic con