Brandeis Rowing Video

Descriptive Transcript

The video begins with angelic music and the sounds of a boat floating on water.

The words "Stoller Boathouse" "6 AM" fade in. You see 2 row boats in the distance on a river, a small light attached to each. The setting is dark and foggy. You hear a male voice say," Some of the best and worst moments of my life have been on the water." You hear a gust of wind and the scene quickly changes to 4 boys rowing down a river as a loud motorboat follows along.

You hear another loud gust of wind and the scene quickly cuts to a close up of the boy at the front of the boat rowing with power. The sun is beginning to rise behind a heavily forested area along the river. You hear a female voice say,"Everybody has to be exactly in time, with the person in front of them, because even if you're off just a little bit, it'll slow down the boat." 

You can see up close, two young men in the back of the boat rowing synchronously. You hear a gust of wind and the video cuts to the row boat from before which is now stopped in the middle of the river with some buildings behind it. You see and hear one of the boys gasping for air and you also hear a different male voice say,"We wake up really early in the morning. No other kid in college does that. It's just us and the rowing team out in the morning at Brandeis."  You now see the person who is speaking on a bright and beautiful morning. A lower thirds fades in that says,

"Armen Youssoufian

Co-President, Brandeis Rowing"

Armen continues,"We're able to go out here. Row on this clean water. It's just us." From a bird’s eye view you see a bright boat contrasted with the dark water, rowing under a bridge. Armen continues, "By the time you're done with practice, it’s 8 a.m. You're ready to start the day. You're ready to go to classes. And it's just a good frame of reference. I love having that peace of mind.

A similar bird’s eye view of a boat rowing on a river fades in with a title displayed In the middle stating, "Through the River: Brandeis Rowing" You see a boy wearing the Brandeis Rowing uniform opening a rusty garage door. A wide shot reveals the entrance to the boat house. It is dark outside but you can clearly see the inside where the athletes are setting up. You see a close up of two people conversing and then another shot of several of the athletes picking up a boat following by instructions,"Walk away slowly and up." The long row boat is placed on the river and the athletes in it begin to row away slowly. Soft mellow music plays. A young woman begins to speak, a lower thirds fades in saying,

"Sydney Warshaw

Co-President, Brandeis Rowing"

Sydney says,"The big reason why I decided to come to Brandeis when I was looking for a college, because I came to visit and I came to a practice in the early morning and everyone was just really kind and really welcoming. And I thought, Oh, great, I'm going to have such an awesome community when I come here my freshman year. And I was right. It was like one of my first big groups of friends.  

You see a young man speaking, a lower thirds fades in saying,

"Tyler Hupart

Student Athlete, Brandeis Rowing"

Tyler says,"It's the kind of experience that you get when you're just in nature. It's sort of a similar vibe to when you go hiking, but it's just it's indescribable the feeling when you're out there in, like, the middle of the night."

You see the river slightly illuminated with a forest reflecting onto its waters and a boat

rowing down the river. He continues,"Essentially it's dark out and then you get to see the sunrise. I hate waking up early, just in general on principle, but I don't think I've ever come back from morning practice and gone like, wow, I really wish I didn't go to that. I think I would always say that it's just a fantastic, phenomenal experience. 

You see more shots of the team rowing down the river and you hear Armen saying, "Every stroke counts. Every time we put our oar in the water, it's an opportunity to change how the boat feels, to make it better, to improve it. It's critical.” 

A new, more inspiring song fades in. You see Sydney on screen who says,"It's definitely the only sport I have ever enjoyed. It is the only sport I've ever loved. I think I'm going to be doing this forever for the rest of my life. Even after Brandeis.”

You see more shots of the team rowing but the sun is now out and the sky is clear. Tyler says,"It's always meant a lot to me. My phone lockscreen this is actually from a race." You see Tylers cracked phone with his lockscreen displaying him with three other boys with their arms over each other, holding a race medal. He continues,"that we posed for two years ago. At this point, it's still my lockscreen to this day.”

You see and hear several shots of the four-person boat rowing down the river and hear Armen saying, "The Brandeis rowing team is a club sport at Brandeis University. No matter the experience here, You’re always welcome to come to Brandeis rowing and we'll teach you how to row, teach you the steps. Everyone is welcome.”

 The rowers dock at the boathouse and Sydney says,"In the future, this will be the one thing I do forever.

I will never stop doing this. It's one of my favorite things." The Brandeis University logo fades in and then the credits saying,

"Thank you to the

Brandeis Rowing Team"


Armen Youssoufian

Tyler Hupart

Sydney Warshaw"


Matheus De Araujo Fortunato


Matheus De Araujo Fortunato

Jonathan Duran

Drone Videographers

Timothy Hebert

Executive Producers

Dan Kim

Julie Jette

Jonathan Duran"

The music and video fade out.