Family Weekend 2022

Descriptive Transcript

The video starts with a light hearted guitar beat playing. A mother and her daughters wave  at the camera. You see several scenes of people walking through Brandeis' campus. There is a tent set up where people are eating and conversing. You see a banner introducing Brandeis' family weekend. We hear someone saying,"I've just noticed my sister becoming more independent. And she speaks so highly of her friends and how she feels so welcome in the community. And there's always  so many dynamic activities going on. And I think she's just thrived here."

You now see the speaker seated at a table with her father. A lower thirds animation appears stating,"

Serra Erbas

Sibling of Brandeis Student "

"Nuri Erbas

Brandeis Parent "

the speaker continues,"She's come to life and her world is expanded. And it's so fun to see that. "

You see a group of people walking and a person walking towards the Louis Brandeis Statue. You hear the voice of a man

saying,"He’s doing great. He's met a lot of people. He got himself elected to the student senate here."

You see the man talking about his son who is right next to him. A lower thirds animation appears stating,"

Zachary Moskovits

Brandeis Student "

"Ben Moskovits

Brandeis Parent "

He continues," He's doing some very interesting things on campus. He's taking some great courses here so all these things I think are great. "

You see clips of a group of people walking through campus being taken on a tour. The tour continues into a tall building overlooking the Brandeis soccer field. The group takes pictures.

Serra, the sister from before says,"Yeah, it's just so beautiful. It's very peaceful here. I could see why she's so happy I feel very included just showing up. It's my first day on campus."

You see footage of speakers in a classroom with a few people in attendance.

You hear a different female voice saying,"I actually came to the parents weekend last year and I enjoyed it because it was a good opportunity to see what she does everyday last year I went to a lecture This year I’m trying to do the sustainability tour you know, I try to do different things to get a better  sense of what her life is like here."

Her lower thirds appears stating,"

Erica Angert

Brandeis Parent"

You see more footage of activities happening around campus. People talking and taking pictures inside of a photo booth.

Ben Moskovits, the father from before says," I think it's very friendly. I think it's very embracive the school itself is, the students are open and warm and it's also a place of learning. It has every advantage.

You see footage of people playing bingo. One family waves their arms in the air signifying they won.

Erica Angert says,"Go off do as many different things that you can because now’s the time

Ben Moskovits says," I’d tell him to continue to grow, to discover, to explore."

"Brandeis University" fades in and then the credits,"


Nuri Erbas

Serra Erbas

Ben Moskovits

Erica Angert


Jonathan Duran

Matheus De Araujo Fortunato


Matheus De Araujo Fortunato


Executive Producers

Dan Kim

Julie Jette"


the music ends and the video fades out