Senior Reflections 2023

Descriptive Transcript

Krupa Sourirajan, Senior at Brandeis University says,"Congratulations, Class of 2023. We did it. Congratulations."

Ayush Thacker, Senior at Brandeis University says,"We've been through a lot. Take this time to reflect on the time that we've had here."

You see students dressed in their cap and gowns, posing for photos.

Bianca Kisin, senior at Brandeis University, says,"I'm sad to go. I do cherish the memories that I've had here. I’ve loved it here since I was a first year."

Elye Robinowitz, Senior at Brandeis University, says,"This is a university that’s really kind of changed my life and, like, allowed me to grow into the person I am now. It's really challenged me socially and academically to grow and mature, and I don't think I'd be in the position I'd be in without Brandeis. I don't think I’d have the interests, the passions. My life would be very different had I not gone to Brandeis."

Elliot Siegel, Senior at Brandeis University, says,"I think. My time here at Brandeis has really been defined by being on the fencing team. That's been just a really huge part of my experience here. With the fencing team, I always enjoy like traveling to meets and things like that." As Elliot speaks, you see clips of him at practice, fencing.

Sydney Warshaw, Senior at Brandeis University, says,"I think I'm going to miss being on a college campus. I think I'm going to miss living where I work and I study. I think that came with a lot of not just convenience, but also community."

Krupa Sourirajan says,"I'm really grateful for all the opportunities that Brandeis has given me, and I think that's probably one of the most unique aspects about Brandeis, is just not only the people in the community that you surround yourself with, but just all the opportunities that you're able to chase after. That's something that I've always admired, and like the people around me and that I hope that I emulated during my time here."


Armen Youssoufian, Senior at Brandeis University, says,"Fondest memory of Brandeis has to be waking up in the morning and going to crew. One morning it was really foggy and it was dark when we launched our boats. But once we hit the edge of the river, the sunrise came up and you could just see the rays of the sun just bouncing on the river." As Armen speaks, you see clips of him rowing down a river with several other crew members.

Krupa Sourirajan says,"I'd really like to thank my family. I, I really appreciate everything that's. I’m going to start crying." Elliot Siegel says,"I like to have a special thank you to my parents helping me get through college and just providing me with the life experience I needed."

Bianca Kisin says,"I'm going to shout out my mom and dad and my brother Warren. You guys have been here for me through all of my ups and downs at Brandeis, whatever it might be. You guys have always had my back."

Sydney Warshaw says,"Shout out to my mom. She said, like, are you going to you have to recognize me in some way in your graduation. Are you going to write Thanks, Mom, on your graduation cap? And I'm like, What? So, yeah, Shout out to my mom." Bianca says,"Congratulations, Class of 2023."

Ayush says,"Congratulations, Class of 2023. We did it."

Sydney says,"We did it. Woo!"

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Krupa Sourirajan
Ayush Thacker
Elye Robinowitz
Sydney Warshaw
Elliot Siegel
Armen Youssoufian
Bianca Kisin

Matheus De Araujo Fortunato

Jonathan Duran
Matheus De Araujo Fortunato

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Bianca Kisin

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Dan Kim
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