Slow Down This Winter

Descriptive Transcript

Slow Down This Winter

Time: 00:01:00

The video opens with a wide s shot of the Louis Brandeis statue. Snow is seen blanketing the statue and the surrounding area. Upbeat background music from a song called "Coastline-Ason ID" is heard underneath the video.

The video then cuts to a close up shot of the Louise Brandeis statue.

The video then transitions to a slow motion shot of a red and orange vehicle that is dispensing sand onto a sidewalk near Chapels Field.

The video then cuts to a person sledding down the library hill on an inner tube.

The video then transitions to a slow motion video of a student wearing a mask throwing a snow ball.

The next shot is a person holding a yellow umbrella walking on the pathway of Fellows Garden.

The video then cuts to a medium shot of a snow covered Penelope Jencks, Student and Knowledge statue.

The video then cuts to a person walking down a snow covered path near the library holding an umbrella to shield them from the falling snow.

The shot then transitions to a person wearing a white coat holding out their phone to take a picture of Chapels Field. Another person can be seen in the background holding up a camera to review a photograph they took.

The video transitions to a white screen with blue text that fades in and gets slightly larger that reads "Brandeis University." The video then and music transitions out and to black as it ends.