a view of the three chapels

Bethlehem Chapel

As a post-war project of the Jewish community, the founders of Brandeis were acutely aware of the need for religious tolerance. Their goal was to create an environment rooted in Jewish values, while distinctly nonsectarian. All faith traditions were to be equal. Even as religious demographics—both in the United States and on campus—have changed, Brandeis continues to embrace a vision in which all faith traditions are valued as foundational to the Brandeis experience. The University continues to be a center of Jewish and multi-faith life rooted in its mission statement and commitment to diversity.

One perspective on this history and the role of religion in it is offered by first president Abram L. Sachar in his book Brandeis University: A Host at Last (PDF) (Brandeis University Press, 1995). Recent demographics (PDF) about religion among Brandeis undergraduates collected by the Steinhardt Social Research Institute show considerable diversity among current students.

This website is an attempt to further our knowledge about religion and spirituality at Brandeis University and in other contexts in higher education. The project is a work in progress; suggestions and constructive feedback are welcome.