Commitment to Service Award Program

Group shot of Commitment to Service winners wearing caps and gowns at Commencement

The Commitment to Service Award Program (CTSA) encourages students to engage in community service further impacting their Brandeis experience while addressing community needs. Service will be used as a means to explore careers, apply course work, fulfill personal values, and develop meaningful relationships. The program will encourage students to track their volunteer hours, adding many benefits to the community and university, while offering an opportunity to celebrate our student’s commitment to social justice and service deepening the roots of their journeys beyond Brandeis. Students who reach different tiers of hours logged will receive a Commitment to Service medal to wear at graduation.

We encourage all Brandeis undergraduate students to register for the program and to regularly track their hours even if they don't think they'll reach one of the awarded hour levels, as there are many benefits to students, as listed below.

All service hours submitted for this program must fall within the umbrella of the Brandeis University Mission and Diversity Statements. In particular hours must support the values of inclusivity, civility, diversity, respect and safety.