Required Documentation for Request Forms


  • Brandeis W-9, or standard WB-BEN if not a US Citizen or green card holder
  • Consultant Invoice: Only required when making multiple payments to same contractor in same fiscal year; each invoice requires separate NEPRF.
  • Independent Consultant Agreement (goes up to letter "Q," not letter "N")
  • Consultant Authorization Form: If the total contract amount equals or exceeds $1,500 a year. Only required for first payment every semester to a coach/instructor making $1,500 or more in that fiscal year. However, it is only required on the first payment of each semester. Not required for one-time performers, such as a band, speaker, etc.


  • Detailed original receipts or invoices (if you would like to pay the company directly through Brandeis) taped to an 8.5'' x 11" sheet of white paper neatly without folding receipts or going over the edges of the paper. You may cut receipts to make them fit as long as they are clearly labeled.

  • Food waiver if food is in the purchase

  • Design approval if the purchase is "swag" that was designed by the club (ex: clothing, pens, etc.)

  • Poster approval if printing posters or flyers at the copy center

  • If a purchase is at least $1,000: Must be via P-Card purchase and must have pre-approval from the Budget Analyst and the Treasurer. We will deny any PRFs that are over $1,000 for a good


    This option only applies if you are purchasing a service online. All physical goods purchased online must go through a student union P Card unless approved by both the budget analyst and treasurer

    • Detailed printout of order confirmation


    • Copy of bank/credit card statement


  • One Time Payment Form

  • Invoice

  • Independent Consultant Agreement


  • Graduate Student Payment Form - Find on payroll department website. Must be used for graduate students and undergraduate students who perform a service for a club.

  • Invoice (should specify pay rate and period, as well as describe work performed)

  • Independent Consultant Agreement (except for BEMCo standbys and school paper distributors)


  • Detailed itemized invoice or quotation from vendor

  • 3 competing quotes - showing best price obtained, or a "Sole Source" letter authored by the club indicating that the product is only available from a single manufacturer

  • Only for orders of $5,000 or more or standing order


If Online Payment:

  • (a) Food waiver if food is in the purchase
  • (b) Design approval if the purchase is "swag" that was designed by the club (ex: clothing, pens, etc.)
  • (c) Email Approval from Budget Analyst and Treasurer - If purchase is over $1,000. Email· clubfi nance@ for this approval.