SPF Submission Steps

Spring 2019

  1. Club must get job approved by Student Activities and SFS
    • All jobs MUST be hourly
    • 7.7% fringe still applies in May, June, July, August and we will not make these payments in June due to fiscal close
    • The student hired may (still) not be a member of the club they are doing the work for
  2. When a student is hired by a club, they must apply to one of the Student Club jobs
    • When applying for a job you must have an I-9 complete and on file with SFS in order to get paid
  3. Club treasurer should file a payment request in SUMS under "SPF"
  4. The club president/treasurer must email the Budget Analyst directly (costa@brandeis.edu) to tell them the job, hours worked, and pay rate
  5. The student worker must also send the Budget Analyst this information
  6. If the information matches, the student will be hired into the job
  7. Once SFS confirms the hire, the information will be sent to Payroll for payment.