2022 Summer Session Financial Aid for Undergraduates

Financial aid for summer session 2022 is available in the form of grants/scholarships and/or loans for Brandeis University undergraduate students who are active, full-time matriculants in a degree program.  (Funding is not available to visiting students, students matriculated for a term that starts after summer 2022, or students currently graduated, withdrawn or on leave).  

The amount of federal grants (i.e. Pell Grant) and/or loans (i.e., Stafford Loans) a student can receive for the summer term will be based on their remaining eligibility from the most recently completed academic year. 

The amount of Brandeis need-based grant aid a student can receive for the summer term will be based on their financial need from the most recently completed academic year (see chart below) for a minimum of four total credits, and up to a maximum of 12 total credits, in the Brandeis Summer School. 

Total Federal, State and Institutional Grant/Scholarship Amount for Spring 2022 (or Fall 2021 if not enrolled for Spring)

Brandeis Grant/Scholarship Eligibility for Summer 2022 (tuition only; no Brandeis scholarship is available for room, board, books, travel, or personal expenses)

$15,000 or above

50% of summer tuition ONLY (maximum of 12 credits)


25% of summer tuition ONLY (maximum of 12 credits)


0% (not eligible)

Need-based grant aid is available to eligible students for a maximum of two summers per student, and can only be used for Brandeis Summer School courses.  Grant will not be available for courses taken at other institutions nor for summer study abroad programs.  Brandeis summer need-based grant aid is available for tuition charges only. 

Students are required to take at least four credits in order to maintain summer Brandeis need-based grant aid; students are required to take at least six credits to retain all sources of summer federal aid.  Summer Session financial aid eligibility will be initally determined based on the enrollment information provided on your Brandeis Summer Session 2022 Financial Aid Inquiry Form.  Your financial aid will be finalized based on your actual enrollment.   Any change to your enrollment, courses, or credit hours, may affect your aid. Students are required to notify SFS in writing of any changes made to summer enrollment. Failure to provide notification of enrollment changes may result in a balance owed on your student account. Aid will be adjusted if enrollment is changed, making the student responsible for the payment of all late withdrawal fees.

If you have questions about summer financial, you  may contact SFS at (781) 736-3700 or summeraid@brandeis.edu