Emergency Funding

For some students, you may believe that you cannot find support for food or other needs. Other concerns may focus on tuition bills, or family situations. Our team is here to support you, and there are resources available to students who are experiencing financial emergencies.

The Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) considers financial aid appeals for undergraduate students based on extenuating circumstances (e.g., job loss, significant unreimbursed medical expenses, etc.). Scholarship and/or loan funds may be available for such circumstances. Our counselors will be glad to meet with you to discuss these options.  To schedule an appointment, please contact our office at 781-736-3700.

Book Vouchers and Health Insurance Grants for Undergraduate Students

The Office of Student Financial Services offers book vouchers and health insurance grant program for high-need undergraduate students who are required to purchase the SHIP insurance via UHP.  Please contact SFS at 781-736-3700 to discuss the process to apply for this grant.  

Laptop Grants for Undergraduate Students

The Office of Student Financial Services offers a laptop grant program for high-need undergraduate students. To apply for this grant, please complete the Laptop Grant application and email it to SFS at finaid@brandeis.edu 

Resources for Food Insecurity

There are a plethora of resources available to students experiencing food insecurity.  Information about these resources can be found on the Food Resources Webpage

Brandeis Emergency Fund

SFS also participates in the administration of the Brandeis Emergency Fund, which is available to both undergraduate and graduate students experiencing some kind of unexpected financial emergency when other resources are not available. In the past, the fund has supported students facing the following:

The Brandeis Emergency Fund may be an option in these cases. The Emergency Fund cannot offer funds for tuition-related expenses; please contact your financial aid counselor in SFS or GSAS for tuition assistance. Brandeis is also unable to support the needs of a student's family members.

Due to the limited nature of these funds, priority is given to undergraduate and graduate students with demonstrated financial need and maximum limits do apply.  In general, students are not able to receive more than $3,500 from the Fund in any given academic year.  In most cases, students are expected to apply for, and utilize, all other sources of funding available before receiving emergency funds, including federal loan funds.  

SFS can provide confidential support for students with demonstrated financial need who are facing financial challenges.  Please contact SFS at 781-736-3700 or sfs@brandeis.edu for assistance in finding the best financial path to meet your needs.

To apply for emergency funds, please complete an online application. (NOTE:  Please do not complete this application to be considered for HEERF III Grant funds.  This Grant will automatically be awarded to you based on your FAFSA.)  Per University policy, documentation of expenses will be required unless it is related to a billable charge or an expense for which costs can be calculated based upon an official standard (e.g., average food costs per week).  Expenses owed for a service (medical, dental, storage, etc.) are typically reimbursed based on payment receipts or paid directly to the vendor.  Documentation can be submitted to emergencyfunds@brandeis.edu). Requests are reviewed by a committee and decisions may take 1-3 business days.