Student Profile


Name: Ryan Molloy
Major: English & Education
Birthplace: Providence, RI
Year: 2016

What are you involved with on campus? Chum's Barista, Editor in Chief of WTCP (Brandeis's Literary and Arts Magazine), Gallery Guide at The Rose Art Museum

What is your favorite part of your role? The best part of being a Chum has got to be the camaraderie of my coworkers. We're something like the world's most loving fraternity, and all who enter the coffeeshop are immediately welcomed into the family.

How has this involvement impacted your time at Brandeis? Working at Chum's has allowed me to meet a variety of people whom I'd have otherwise missed out on. Whether they be a fellow student, a touring musician, or a confused parent trying to find the student center, everyone comes through our door at one time or another. And as a barista, getting to know them is simple as inviting them to the counter.

What made you get involved? On my first visit to Chum's, before even being offered a drink, I was offered a massage. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere, in addition to milkshakes, is what led me to apply. Two years, twenty three concerts, and several impromptu rounds of musical chairs later, Chum's is easily my favorite place on campus.

Stay In the Know


Cholmondeley's Coffee House


Cholmondeley's (Chum's) is Brandeis' student run coffee house and late-night snack bar, tucked away in the historic Castle and named for a bloodhound belonging to the campus photographer. Throughout its history, it has played host to, among others, Tracy Chapman, the J. Geils Band, Joan Baez and the first American performance of Genesis.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Friday and Saturday 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Closed on Sunday (unless booked for a performance)

What's Happening? Who's Performing?

Below is the calendar of happenings for Chums. If you click on the event you can add it to your own Google Calendar so you don't forget to attend your favorite event!


How do I Book Chum's? 

Any Union accredited organization can book chums for a $50 rental fee. Additional charges may occur if the events take place outside of operating hours. Groups can not charge admission to events, but donations can be collected.  To reserve Chum's for your coffeehouse, concert, or any other event, please click HERE.

What's on the Menu?

Chum's is currently working to provide more local and organic food to their menu. Look for that coming soon. All your late night munchies will still remain (mozz sticks, nachos, grilled PB & J and more). Lizzy's ice cream is always a favorite and let the staff know if there is a certain flavor you want to see! And what would a coffee house be without coffee, there is a variety of espresso drinks made to order, as well as fair trade coffee. The staff is always looking for new and creative ideas so be sure to let your Barista know what you want!