For information on starting your own student business, please contact the Department of Student Activities at (781) 736-5065.

Student Businesses

If you are interested in starting your own business, your first stop should be the Department of Student Activities. Brandeis encourages all types of learning, both inside and outside of the classroom, including entrepreneurship; however, students must gain approval for all personal income-generating activity that uses university property. This authority is given to staff within the Department of Student Activities, as found in Section 14 of "Rights and Responsibilities."

Director of Student Activities Dennis Hicks manages all student commercial enterprises. Please meet with him before you embark on your business. You will be asked to develop a business plan that includes:

  • Item or service for sale
  • Detailed description of that item or service
  • Marketing plan
  • Brandeis resources needed for the enterprise
  • Other information, as needed

In addition, we advise that you review the following sections of "Rights and Responsibilities" so that you are aware of policies and limitations that might impact the approval processes:

  • Section 6: Care of University and Personal Property
  • Section 9.7: Distribution of Postings
  • Section 9.11: Solicitation in the Halls
  • Section 12: Use of Campus Facilities
  • Section 15: Conduct Affecting the Name and Tax-Exempt Status of the University
  • Section 15.5: Guidelines Concerning Use of University Facilities, Name, Seal or Logo
If your enterprise is approved, you will be given a letter outlining all of the procedures and limitations concerning the business. This must be reviewed annually.