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Leadership Development

Student Leaders should be sure to read the Club Leaders' Handbook for information on how to make you and your organization successful.

The staff in the Department of Student Activities and the Division of Student Life and Success assist student leaders with every aspect of their club life at Brandeis, including program management, organizational development, group dynamics, contract negotiation, budget administration and more.

  • Acquire and build upon your leadership skills in order to better serve your groups.

  • Network and build better working relationships with other student leaders on campus.

  • Gain access to resources through the Brandeis community.

  • Broaden your perspectives and increase your awareness of the countless leadership opportunities available at Brandeis.

  • Obtain significant leadership experience that may help you secure positions in the future.

  • Develop lifelong skills that will better prepare you for future roles at Brandeis and beyond.

The Department of Student Activities is here to help you succeed. You can always stop by our office in Shapiro Campus Center, room 203, at the end of the hallway.