Event Advisors

Robert Steinberg
Advisor - Student Activities Specialist

Elise Yonika
Graduate Assistant for Leadership

Meet the Senior Week Staff

Madison Alnemy ’20
Major: Business and Psychology
Hometown: Vernon, NJ

Involvement on Campus: Music Director for WBRS and Co-Coordinator for Senior Week

What is your favorite part of your role? Coordinating senior week lets me do one of my favorite things every week: plan parties. I love being able to work with people, communicating my ideas, and planning things for my peers so that they can have the best Senior Week possible. 

How has this involvement impacted your time at Brandeis? I have formed better relationships with Brandeis administration which has helped me understand the inner workings of campus activities better. 

What made you get involved? I was looking to get more involved on campus and was intrigued by the position.

Kirsten Zhao’19
Major: Economics, International and Global Studies
Hometown: Nanjing, China

Involvement on Campus: French Undergraduate Department Representative, Orientation Leader
What is your favorite part of your role? I have always been interested in planning student events since high school. My favorite part of the role is that I got to help plan events that students are going to enjoy during their last week of college, something that hopefully could be one of their unforgettable experiences.

How has this involvement impacted your time at Brandeis? I’ve gotten to work with many intelligent and responsible, and inspiring student leaders. I’ve also learned a lot about event planning logistics, budget management and gained leadership skills.

What made you get involved? I am outgoing and I am always excited about planning events. This role is a perfect fit for me.