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Visiting Summer Students

Visiting Summer Students from Other Colleges and Universities

Since the Brandeis Summer School is an open admission program and relies on the assumption that each student knows best what he or she wants and can do, visiting students do not need to provide transcripts or proof that a course prerequisite has been satisfied.

Visiting students should check with their home institution (typically their Registrar's Office) regarding the transferability of Brandeis courses back to your school. To assist you in obtaining this permission, we have provided information on course levels and course numbering at Brandeis, as well as draft copies of our summer course syllabi.  One Brandeis semester course credit is equivalent to four units or four credit hours at other universities.

As degree regulations vary among schools, students taking a pass/fail course or one of the few Brandeis courses that are graded as "Credit/No Credit," you should obtain approval from your home institution prior to the summer session.

After your Brandeis summer course has been completed, visiting students need to request an official transcript be sent to their home institution. Federal laws require that the student initiate all transcript requests. This can be done either online in SAGE (the Brandeis registration and records system) or via paper forms which are available through the Brandeis Registrar's Office.


To begin the registration process, visiting students are asked to complete this brief form to create a new Brandeis student record.

Within 24-48 hours you will receive an email with a unique Brandeis Sage student ID number. The delay in receiving your Sage student ID number is because each student is checked against existing records to make sure a student does not already have a record in our system and our system must update overnight. Upon resolution, your Sage student ID number will be emailed to you.

Once you have been emailed your Sage student ID number, you will be able to create your unique Brandeis Identity Account and create your own confidential password. The username you select for your Brandeis Identity will also create your "" email address, and serve as your log-in to Sage where you can register and pay for summer classes. 

You can then complete your course registration in Sage by following these steps


Our official Brandeis email communications with you will be directed to your "" email address. 

For your convenience, you may set up your email to forward messages to the email address you use most often. If you do not forward your Brandeis email to the account you use most often, be sure to check your Brandeis email account frequently.

Once you have enrolled in classes, you will receive a email message to your Brandeis email with information you will find useful as your summer session approaches. Information about campus parking, class locations, and summer activities will be delivered to your Brandeis email.  

Financial Aid

Sadly, financial Aid is not available for visiting students through Brandeis. However, you may want to contact the Financial Aid Office at your home college or university to see if there are financial aid options available to you. 


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Registration is now open for 2019 summer classes

Review our 2019 course offerings and use your summer wisely! Focus on a challenging course, fulfill prerequisites, discover a new major or minor, and make progress toward graduation.

Once you've selected your summer classes, use our helpful step-by-step guide to summer registration to navigate Sage and enroll in classes.

Online Summer Classes

If your summer plans take you away from Waltham, you can still earn Brandeis credits and continue your degree progress by taking an online summer course. Presented over 10-weeks in the summer, online courses give you the flexibility to balance your summer work, travel, family commitments and social life.