Jewish Studies Colloquia

Fall 2004 – Spring 2005

“Jewish Fates, Altered States: Reflections on Southern Jewish History”
Stephen Whitfield, Brandeis University
October 28, 2004

“They Raised Beautiful Families: A Historical and Cross-Cultural Analysis of Jewish Mothers’ Child Rearing”

Joyce Antler, Brandeis University
December 2, 2004

“The Image of the Non-Jew in Hasidism: Textual Study and Personal Response”

Or Rose, Brandeis University
January 27, 2005

“The Fate of a Yiddish writer in Communist Eastern Europe: The Case of Naftali Herts Kon”

Karen Auerbach, Brandeis University
March 3, 2005

“Biography as History: Reflections on Writing Modern Jewish Lives”

Steve Zipperstein, Stanford University
March 31, 2005