The Brandeis Course Design Institute (May 20-22, 2019):

Throughout this three-day hands-on workshop, we will explore a variety of effective classroom techniques. We will also focus on theories of teaching and learning as well as assessment of student learning. Using this foundation, the Institute will help you design (or redesign) one of your courses to better support your students’ learning. Participants are expected to take part in the entire program (May 20-22, from 9am-4pm) and to do a very small amount of homework beforehand. Dan Perlman, Mary-Ann Winkelmes, and invited faculty and staff members will facilitate the program. 

Applications are due April 30, 5:00pm. Please apply here.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary-Ann Winkelmes or  Dan Perlman.

Who is encouraged to apply:

Faculty members at any career stage who are interested in helping their students learn more effectively. (Note: faculty in their first year and those with several decades of experience have taken part in both programs. For testimonials, see below.) 

Who is eligible to apply:

  • Tenure-track and Tenured faculty
  • Contract faculty on multi-year contracts who teach at least two courses per year
  • Part-time faculty who have taught at least four courses in the previous three years

To apply, click here. Applications are due April 30.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary-Ann Winkelmes or  Dan Perlman.

Comments from past participants in the Course Design Institute:

The Course Design Institute provides the most important insights into pedagogy I've ever encountered.  

                         Eugene Sheppard, Chair, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies 

Participating in the Institute is without question the nicest thing I’ve done for myself at Brandeis. It was just plain fun to set aside a couple of days to be with my faculty peers, working on improving myself. Every minute was devoted to the theory and practice of teaching – thinking about what students in general and mine specifically want and need, analyzing whether I had been giving it to them, going through practical repetitions of trying to align the two for the future, learning tricks from the experts for doing so. I left feeling that I could better achieve what I had always aspired to, and I can attest that it has translated into the classroom.          Paul DiZio, Chair, Psychology