Graduate Students with Teaching Responsibilities

Resources for Graduate Students with Teaching Responsibilities

There are many shared experiences among all instructors leading a course. Teaching Fellows, PhD students, Teaching Assistants, and Graduate Students with teaching responsibilities face unique challenges in the classroom. For those new to teaching, or early on in teaching careers, navigating assessment strategies, grading rubrics, and general student engagement can be confusing. The resources below have been curated to help navigate this new experience.

Anyone who is teaching a course at Brandeis is welcome to attend the Center for Teaching and Learning workshops and events. Please see our full calendar for details. You're also invited to connect with a CTL Faculty Fellow. These conversations can address a specific question you may have, or just provide general guidance about teaching here at Brandeis.

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Preparing for Your First Class

Starting off Strong

Addressing Classroom Challenges

Creating Inclusive Classrooms

Mastering Assessments 

Work, Research, Life Balance

Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

As an employee of Brandeis, you are responsible for reporting instances of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator, Sonia Jurado at 781-736-4802 or For more information about how Brandeis sexual misconduct and other Title IX violations, please visit Brandeis' Sexual Misconduct and Title IX website.

Should a student or peer disclose an incident to you, we recommend that you provide them with the Brandeis Sexual Assault Response Guide for Survivors (PDF).

Visit the Sexual Misconduct and Title IX website for more information and for downloadable resource guides for sexual assault prevention and education.