LATTE Training

LATTE, the course management system used at Brandeis, is an enhanced version of the widely used Moodle. It can appear quite complex at first – so ITS and the CTL have created a series of short videos to introduce you to the basics of using LATTE. In addition, ITS has an extensive knowledge base that includes extensive descriptions of many key features in LATTE. We plan to add more LATTE videos and knowledge base entries over time.
The CTL will offer occasional workshops on how to use LATTE, both basics and more advanced topics such as the Gradebook and Quiz features.

Here are the current LATTE training videos:

Absolute Basics I, Part 1: The Dashboard: Navigate to your course; Show/Hide Course; Upload syllabus; View the photo roster; Add a file (readings or other items)
Absolute Basics I, Part 2: Course News & Announcements; Introduce Yourself; Upload a Profile Picture
Absolute Basics II, Part 1: Turning editing on/off; Add topics; Add a summary to a topic; Move topics; Remove topics; Drag files (e.g., readings) into topics
Absolute Basics II, Part 2: Create an activity or resource; Move and item; Rename an item; Remove an activity or resource