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Overcoming Teaching Challenges

Diversity in Classrooms

We have an additional library focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion here

  • Learning student names and pronouncing them correctly is a valuable way to build a community in your classroom. If you're struggling with the pronunciation of Chinese names, you should visit Chinese Syllable, which is a site designed to help you with just that! 
  • Discussions, challenging materials, or even daily interactions can create tense moments in the classroom. The CTL has put together some materials designed to help you create an inclusive classroom, which can on our Diversity and Inclusion page. You might also find the "Guidelines for Discussing Incidents of Hate, Bias, and Discrimination," assembled by the University of Michigan, to be helpful. 
  • As Brandeis continues to diversify its community, some faculty may have questions about best practices. You can review some of the documentation available online to support you in teaching international students. You might also find the workshops offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning on Teaching International students very helpful. 
  • Vinodini Murugesan, Director of English Language Programs here at Brandeis, has put together "Suggestions for Teaching Writing to International Students." 

Open and Affordable Educational Resources

If you're interested in learning about what qualifies as an open or affordable resources, find out about the impact of incorporating such materials into your class, or figuring out where to find the best ones, we've put together some resources you should explore.

Effective Teaching Practices 

  • Many faculty lead what are considered Large Classes. These courses come with unique challenges, and we want to remind you there is support for those of you teaching these large classes! You might find "Pedagogy for Large Classes" to be helpful, or you might be interested in joining the ongoing Faculty Learning Community sponsored by the CTL. 
  • Winter weather can complicate even the best laid plans. Before the storms hit, be sure you are "Winterizing Your Course" and think about remote options. 
  • Providing students with feedback is a vital part of the learning process. Read some helpful tips to guide you in providing this feedback in a meaningful way.
  • Lectures are a staple of higher education classes. Take a look at the UNC Charlotte "Enhancing the Effectiveness of Lectures" page to learn about strategies to incorporate. 
  • If you've seen dozens of definitions for blended learning and different theories on flipping classrooms, you may still be left with questions. This report helps define each approach and captures strategies to make these effective tools for your teaching. 
  • You can't help but discuss this with your students. Find the guidance you need to "Teach students to navigate fake news, says researchers.
  • Learn about effective strategies for dealing with difficult students

Brandeis Faculty Essays on Teaching and Learning 

  • You may be interested in learning from Brandeis faculty members. We have a collection of valuable essays that will provide useful insight into teaching and learning here at Brandeis. 

Thoughts on Teaching

  • Read some thoughts on teaching to learn about resources available on campus to support you in your teaching, helpful tools to improve student learning, and campus events on teaching and learning. 

Online Learning

Group Work

  • There are at least two keys to effective group facilitation. One is active listening and the other is observing group dynamics. Stanford University highlights more about discussions and group work. 
  • If you're looking to build in discussion groups to your classroom, this piece from Stanford might be the insight you need. 


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