Center for Teaching and Learning

Important Policies and Resources to Include in Brandeis Syllabi

Academic Integrity

Every member of the University community is expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. A student shall not submit work that is falsified or is not the result of the student's own effort. Infringement of academic integrity by a student subjects that student to serious penalties, which may include failure on the assignment, failure in the course, suspension from the University or other sanctions. Please consult Brandeis University Rights and Responsibilities for all policies and procedures related to academic integrity. Students may be required to submit work via or similar software to verify originality. A student who is in doubt regarding standards of academic integrity as they apply to a specific course or assignment should consult the faculty member responsible for that course or assignment before submitting the work. Allegations of alleged academic dishonesty will be forwarded to the Department of Student Rights and Community Standards. Citation and research assistance can be found at Brandeis Library Guides - Citing Sources


Brandeis seeks to create a learning environment that is welcoming and inclusive of all students, and I want to support you in your learning. Live auto transcription is available for all meetings or classes hosted on Zoom and you can turn it on or off to support your learning. Please check for Zoom updates to take advantage of this new feature. To learn more, visit the Zoom Live Transcription webpage. For questions, contact  If you think you may require disability accommodations, you will need to work with Student Accessibility Support (SAS) (781-736-3470, You can find helpful student FAQs and other resources on the SAS website, including guidance on how to know whether you might be eligible for support from SAS. If you already have an accommodation letter from SAS, please provide me with a copy as soon as you can so that I can ensure effective implementation of accommodations for this class. In order to coordinate exam accommodations, ideally you should provide the accommodation letter at least 48 hours before an exam.


Class meetings of 90 minutes include a 10-minute break, while class meetings of 180 minutes include two breaks, at the instructor’s discretion.

Classroom Health and Safety

  • Register for the Brandeis Emergency Notification System. Students who receive an emergency notification while attending class should notify their instructor immediately. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, call 911. As a precaution, review this active shooter information sheet.
  • Brandeis provides this shuttle service for traveling across campus or to downtown Waltham, Cambridge and Boston.
  • On the Brandeis campus, all students, faculty, staff and guests are required to observe the university's policies on physical distancing and mask-wearing to support the health and safety of all classroom participants. Face coverings must be worn by all students and instructors in classes with in-person meetings. Students and faculty must also maintain the appropriate 6 feet of physical distance from one another when entering, exiting, or being in the classroom and continue to sit in seats assigned by the professor to assist the university in its contract-tracing efforts. All faculty and students must also clean their work areas before and after each class session, using the sanitizing wipes provided by the University. (Classrooms will also be professionally cleaned by Brandeis custodial staff multiple times per day.) Review up to date COVID-related health and safety policies regularly.

Course Materials/Books/Apps/Equipment

If you are having difficulty purchasing course materials, please make an appointment with your Student Financial Services or Academic Services advisor to discuss possible funding options, including vouchers for purchases made at the Brandeis Bookstore.


LATTE is the Brandeis learning management system. Login using your UNET ID and password. Contact for LATTE help.


The Brandeis Library collections and staff offer resources and services to support Brandeis students, faculty and staff. Librarians and Specialists from Research & Instructional Services, Public Services, Archives & Special Collections, Sound & Image Media Studios, MakerLab, AutomationLab, and Digital Scholarship Lab are available to help you through consultations and workshops.


To protect your privacy in any case where this course involves online student work outside of Brandeis password-protected spaces, you may choose to use a pseudonym/alias. You must share the pseudonym/ alias with me and any teaching assistants as needed. Alternatively, with prior consultation, you may submit such work directly to me.

Student Support

Brandeis University is committed to supporting all our students so they can thrive. Live auto transcription is available for all meetings or classes hosted on Zoom and you can turn it on or off to support your learning. Please check for Zoom updates to take advantage of this new feature. To learn more, visit the Zoom Live Transcription webpage. For questions, contact If a student, faculty, or staff member wants to learn more about support resources, the Support at Brandeis webpage offers a comprehensive list that includes these staff colleagues you can consult, along with other support resources: