Brandeis Teaching and Learning Fellows

In this year-long program you will meet every two weeks to discuss theories of learning and practical aspects of teaching with a small group of faculty colleagues. Each Fellow will contribute to a research and/or assessment project that increases understanding of Brandeis students' learning and that will be shared broadly with Brandeis faculty. Fellows receive an honorarium of $1500 for their participation in the program.

Who is encouraged to apply: Faculty members at any career stage who are interested in helping their students learn more effectively. (Note: faculty in their first year and those with several decades of experience have taken part in both programs. For testimonials, see below.) 

Who is eligible to apply to these programs:

  • Tenure-track and Tenured faculty
  • Contract faculty on multi-year contracts who teach at least two courses per year
  • Part-time faculty who have taught at least four courses in the previous three years

To apply, click here. Applications are due April 30.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary-Ann Winkelmes or Dan Perlman.

Contact a Davis/Brandeis Teaching and Learning Fellow:

Comments from past participants in the Teaching and Learning Fellows Program

The CTL Fellowship was a wonderful opportunity to explore best practices with other faculty members. I discovered and adopted valuable new teaching techniques that I regularly use in my classes. Plus, it was inspiring to be surrounded by colleagues who care deeply about teaching and to discover their thoughtful perspectives.    

Carol Osler, Economics and IBS

Being a part of the Teaching and Learning Fellows program has been a wonderful experience, which I’d recommend to anyone. Having the opportunity to discuss and reflect on teaching strategies, course design, and student assessment has provided me with several new tools to bring in the classroom. Moreover, because the program includes both junior and senior faculty across campus, the program provides great opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Paula Musegades, Music and American Studies

The Brandeis Teaching and Learning Fellows Program is a great opportunity for Brandeis faculty to take a step back and reflect upon the learning of students and their effectiveness as teachers. I learned a lot through the program about improving and enriching my pedagogical tools and methods as a teacher. Most of all, I found that the program took away a lot of the anxiety that comes with being an inexperienced teacher. Being part of a dedicated group of Brandeis faculty who come together once every other week to discuss teaching and learning is a precious experience, especially for junior faculty.

Suleyman Dost, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

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