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Services, Programs, and Resources

We invite all members of the Brandeis teaching community to take advantage of our services and programs as a piece of their own ongoing faculty development. Taking an intentional approach to the improvement of teaching can model effective learning practices for students, and it affirms our commitment to the pursuit of inclusive teaching, learning and research that benefit students and society.

These services, programs, and resources are the result of an innovative collaboration among Brandeis faculty, staff and students that aligns teaching support directly with Brandeis University Learning Goals, Core Learning Goals, Core Values, and The Framework for the Future.

All Brandeis teaching community members are welcome to participate in events listed on the CTL Workshops Calendar.

How can we help?
Here at Brandeis, the Center for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to supporting instructors with their teaching and learning needs. If you are an instructor (including faculty members, lecturers, graduate student TAs, etc.), please fill out a CTL Help Request form to explain the issues and challenges you are facing, and we will reach out to you with help shortly!

The Pedagogical Partnership program pairs a faculty member who is teaching a course with a student partner (who has taken the course before) who sits in on the course and serves as a trusted ally who meets regularly with the faculty member throughout the semester to provide frequent, unguarded feedback about the student experience in the course. This allows the instructor to identify the parts of the course that are working well and the parts that students are struggling with, equipping the instructor to make informed mid-course adjustments to best support their students. 

If you are interested in working with a student partner during Spring 2023, or if you have any questions about the program, please email Kim Godsoe ( or by Friday, December 16th, 2022.

FLCs are small groups of faculty who meet regularly throughout the semester to discuss important pedagogical issues that matter to them by engaging with readings and sharing their own experiences. Participants observe each other's classes and collaborate to address common challenges. In the process, faculty inspire one another and make teaching a communal, rather than a solitary, act.

The spring 2023 program for new faculty involves two components:

  • 80-minute in-person meetings every two weeks facilitated by one of the CTL staff
  • two peer teaching observations with follow-up discussions.

FLCs are designed to foster supportive environments in which faculty can investigate, question, explore, and apply new classroom techniques and share new ideas about teaching and learning.

1:1 consultations
  • For Individuals, Departments, Schools, Programs and Staff: Available upon request, and tailored to your needs and interests. Contact or 781-736-8322.

Course Design Institutes

Consider and apply evidence-based teaching/learning practices and develop or revise syllabi, readings and assignments for a course, over multiple days.

Monthly sessions to share effective teaching tips; welcome sessions in July, August and January. Please see Faculty Development Calendar for current dates.

Instructional Technology

The CTL's Instructional Technology team offers consultations on pedagogical approaches for using the Brandeis learning management system (LATTE) and the LATTE Shell. We also offer workshops and training on instructional technologies, and advise on best practices for incorporating software and academic technologies including VoiceThread, HSP, Voyant, Twine, and Perusall.

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Learning Design

The Learning Design Team provides learning design support for online, hybrid, and in-person teaching, following evidence-based best practices for inclusive and equitable design. Our team can help you: solve teaching or learning challenges using design approaches; design online, blended, or technology-integrated courses or learning activities; trouble-shoot remote teaching and learning challenges; transform face-to-face learning experiences to online or blended modalities; or provide customized professional development for integrating online learning into your teaching

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Your students’ feedback during the early part of the course can help you identify small course adjustments that will improve their learning and engagement. Brandeis' Midcourse Feedback webpage highlights further benefits and explains how to gather student comments anonymously through LATTE. This feedback will be shared with you alone and will not be used in any formal evaluation of your teaching effectiveness. A CTL colleague or CTL Mentor can review your students’ feedback and your plan for responding to it. Please contact them at or sign up here for a confidential consultation.

The Library, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, and Center for Teaching and Learning, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Brandeis Counseling Center, and Student Accessibility Services collaborate with faculty, staff, and student colleagues to offer events and resources that focus on inclusive teaching.


CTL Mentors and staff offer confidential mentoring on teaching and career development. They maintain confidentiality as recommended in the POD Network Ethical Guidelines for faculty development. Your interactions with CTL Mentors and staff are not reported or shared. They are for formative purposes only, and are not connected to promotion or tenure review. If you wish, you may document your interactions as evidence of your own teaching development for later use in your promotion portfolio. Sign up to meet a mentor, or contact CTL at or 781-736-8322.

The Committee on Teaching, Learning and Assessment advises that all Brandeis University syllabi must be accessible and must provide Important Brandeis Policies and Resources. See the CTL’s Brandeis University Syllabus webpage for additional resources. Brandeis University Syllabus resources.

CTL staff collaborate with CTL Partners and campus colleagues in the Hub for Digital Learning, Media and Technology Services, Information Technology Services and the Technology Help Desk to curate these resources.

The CTL recognizes the instructional support that students provide in the classroom. We collaborate with CTL Partners and faculty to provide a required TA Training and additional optional teaching development. For more information, see the Teaching Assistants and Course Assistants webpage.

CTL Mentors as well as trained student observers are available to observe your class and offer confidential feedback for formative purposes only. This service adheres to confidentiality guidelines in the POD Network Ethical Guidelines statement and is not connected to reviews for promotion or tenure. Request peer mentoring or a class observation.

Teaching Innovation Showcases

Faculty recipients of Provost's Teaching Innovation Grants and other grants to support teaching share their wisdom about teaching/learning practices that benefit Brandeis students.