Midcourse Feedback

Gathering midcourse feedback from your students offers many benefits for their learning and your teaching. It can help you to:

Online student questionnaires alone cannot fully assess teaching and learning effectiveness. Questionnaires are less biased and more useful when they gather information about students’ learning experiences instead of asking students to judge teachers’ expertise or effectiveness.

The two-question survey available in LATTE gathers information about students’ learning experiences. To locate the Midcourse Feedback form in LATTE and invite your students to complete it, please see these instructions.

Here are three additional, confidential services the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers to help you to gather and benefit from midcourse feedback. These confidential services are not connected with promotion or tenure reviews (although you may choose to document these as evidence of your teaching development efforts):

1. Confidential Peer Teaching Observations with a CTL Scholar staff member following this Confidential Peer Mentoring process.
2. Midcourse feedback conversation with your students to gather follow-up feedback using this 30-minute Midcourse Feedback process. Please contact CTL@Brandeis.edu to make an appointment.
3. Confidential discussion and analysis of your students’ mid-course feedback with a CTL Scholar or CTL staff member. Sign up here for a confidential consultation.