Mid-course Feedback Discussion

A Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) staff member, scholar or other neutral facilitator holds a discussion with students and gathers their consensus feedback about their learning experiences in the course. This takes place when the instructor is not present. The conversation takes roughly 30 minutes. Later, the facilitator shares the consensus feedback with the instructor and both consider how the instructor will make teaching adjustments and respond to students.

Benefits of the Process

How It Works


Focus Questions for the Facilitated Discussion with Students [1]


[1] These focus questions could also be used in an online survey format, and survey results can be discussed with a  CTL staff member. Contact ctl@brandeis.edu to make an appointment.


* Much of this information is reproduced from Kennesaw State University’s Center for Excellence Teaching and Learning. “SGID Process” and “Benefits of the SGID Process” Retrieved Sept. 24, 2019 from Kennesaw State University Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.