Group members

Ying Zhang, postdoctoral fellow (

My research focuses on modeling, numerical analysis, and stochastic simulation of micro-celluar processes, immune receptor signaling pathways, and applications of immersed boundary methods in red blood cell motion. Baking is one of my favorite things to do during my off time. I also enjoy doing road trips and exploring nature with my super energetic Corgi puppy Genie.

Saaransh Singhal, PhD student (
co-advised with Aparna Baskaran 

I am working in the field of active matter physics. My particular focus is on the theory of active nematics under confinement and I make use of immersed boundary methods for numerical analysis. I am interested in the underlying physics research behind biological phenomena. Apart from that I find value in going for a run or swim, read books, watch anime and have meaningful conversations. 

Lachlan Elam, undergraduate (

I am a senior majoring in applied math, and minoring in economics and German. I am currently working to develop an analytical model of ER networks in cells using stochastic processes, with greater applications to non-biological networks. I enjoy playing chess in my free time and stargazing. I am also a student pilot with 100+ landings!

Gess Kelly, PhD student (

My research focuses on mathematical modeling of clogging and filtration in microfluidic porous networks. When I’m not geeking out about graph networks and biological systems, and coding hazardously from scratch, I enjoy entertaining my inner child by playing outdoors (read: birds, hike, bike, kayak, climb, act, and write), repping out pull ups and 200lb squats, and learning about effective pedagogy.

Simon Huynh, PhD student (

I am interested in scientific computing and applied math problems in science and engineering. My current project involves the study of buckling and deformation of blood vessels. I enjoy making/building things and being creative. I also love to go paddleboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

Chami Lamelas, undergraduate (

I am a senior majoring in computer science and applied mathematics working to develop an algorithm to numerically solve the Navier-Stokes equations to calculate the velocity of a fluid over different domains. I am planning to attend graduate school in computer science and am interested in computational science, data analytics, operating systems, and databases. Outside of coursework, I play electric guitar and bass in a student band at Brandeis.