Ying Zhang, postdoctoral fellow (yingzhang@brandeis.edu)

My research focuses on modeling, numerical analysis, and stochastic simulation of micro-celluar processes, immune receptor signaling pathways, and applications of immersed boundary methods in red blood cell motion. Baking is one of my favorite things to do during my off time. I also enjoy doing road trips and exploring nature with my super energetic Corgi puppy Genie.

My research focuses on mathematical modeling of clogging and filtration in microfluidic porous networks. When I’m not geeking out about graph networks and biological systems, and coding hazardously from scratch, I enjoy entertaining my inner child by playing outdoors (read: birds, hike, bike, kayak, climb, act, and write), repping out pull ups and 200lb squats, and learning about effective pedagogy.

Saaransh Singhal, PhD student (saaransh@brandeis.edu), co-advised with Aparna Baskaran 

I am working in the field of active matter physics. My particular focus is on the theory of active nematics under confinement and I make use of immersed boundary methods for numerical analysis. I am interested in the underlying physics research behind biological phenomena. Apart from that I find value in going for a run or swim, read books, watch anime and have meaningful conversations. 

I am interested in scientific computing and applied math problems in science and engineering. My current project involves the study of buckling and deformation of blood vessels. I enjoy making/building things and being creative. I also love to go paddleboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

Sarah Dennis, PhD student (sarahdennis@brandeis.edu)

My research interests are in mathematical modelling and scientific computing. Currently I am focusing on numerical analysis and applications to lubrication theory. I like to fill my spare time with roller skating and simulation games. 

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