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    Featured in Nature Reviews Physics. (link, highlight

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          Movies comparing the standard and lubricated immersed boundary methods: 

          Channel flow, standard IB method (colors represent pressure) 

          Channel flow, lubricated IB method

          Wall-induced migration, standard IB method (dotted line is 2 gridpoints from wall) 

          Wall-induced migration, lubricated IB method
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            Movie of cytoskeleton dynamics

            Image processing of tomogram

            Simulated extension by optical tweezers

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                      Movies from internal gravity waves in a stratified fluid: 

                      Traveling wave packet, mass density perturbation (left) and energy density (right)

                      Cross-shaped density (left) and energy (right) resulting from localized disturbance at origin with a fixed frequency 

                      Traveling wave packet in the nonlinear regime with variable viscosity 
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                            Movies from red blood cell simulations: 

                            Flow through capillary, center of mass frame with fluid tracers

                            Tank treading, side view

                            Tank treading, top view

                            Tumbling, side view

                            Tumbling, top view

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