7 Doors and 1 Room

A painting of a door

Photo Credit: Painting by Thomas Reilly Dibble

Spring 2021
Created, Directed, and Choreographed by Professor Susan Dibble

Costume Design by Costume Shop Director Mary Hurd

Professor Dibble has created a new dance/theater piece, 7 Doors and 1 RoomShe is inspired by the symbolic structure of doorways and their significance in the life we lead. Doors offer a chance to make a transition or discover a new experience, return to the familiar rooms of our childhood, or provide a portal for entering into the mystery, the unknown…a door is an entryway to a new beginning. 7 Doors and 1 Room will involve dancers, singers, actors, and performers who enter the one room (the stage space) through a variety of doorways and dance their dances, shape the space with their movements, and fill the theater with exuberant energy and thought-provoking stories by performing a wide variety of dance and movement styles.

Woman in red vest looks at cameraHeadshot of Mary Hurd on a green background

Creator/Director/Choreographer Professor Susan Dibble

Costume Designer Mary Hurd