Senior Studio

Senior Studio Productions

March 30-April 2, 2023
The Laurie Theater, Spingold

Four graduating theater arts students present their thesis projects to include Caylie Jeruchimowitz, Alaysia Penso, Evelyn Inker and Jessica Umanoff.

Ferguson’s Fines by Alaysia Penso

A multimedia historical fiction play about the black  experience. The piece centers the plight of a journalist aiming to expose Ferguson County’s corrupt  department of justice and exploitation of Black people. All interactions characters have with police officers are  based on actual documented encounters and provide a commentary on the relationship between race and  justice that exists throughout the United States. 

Content Advisory: This piece contains sexual, racial, and physical violence. 

Another Cinderella Story  by Caylie Jeruchimowitz

Caylie Jeruchimowitz seeks 5 actors for Another Cinderella Story (Title Subject to Change) – a modern  adaptation of the classic Cinderella tale.  

Content Advisory: This piece contains themes and instances of physical and emotional abuse.  

Are We There Yet?  by Evelyn Inker

A story told throughout time and place exploring the  Jewish experience and what makes a space a home. When we immigrate, how do identity and tradition carry  us through and what do we leave behind? The story will be told through a combination of scenes, movement  and song. 

Content Advisory: This piece will use adult language and may contain instances of antisemitism and themes of  the Holocaust and war.  

Jessica Umanoff’s Senior Studio Production (Title TBD)

Jessica Umanoff's project will be a culmination of monologues, scenes, short plays, and spoken word poetry that explore themes related to race, gender, and sexuality.  All of the included works are original and created by women and femme artists.  Using theater as a means of social change and transformation through the content and rehearsal process.