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Catering Ordering via MarketPlace+

Training slide: Welcome to CaterTrax - CaterTrax Customer Training (Tom Frost) with a picture of a hand on a keyboard

CaterTrax Training Webinar Recording

Jan. 12, 2022 (1:13:46)

Brandeis Dining, Procurement and University Events are excited to partner on a new Catering Ordering System to better service our community’s Event Stakeholders needs when planning catered events.

This new way of ordering catering will offer greater tools and efficiencies including:

  • near instant budget approvals via Coupa’s purchase order system
  • real time food order estimates offered through Catertrax
  • streamlined invoicing

This optimized workflow will provide the user with greater autonomy when planning events whether they are pick ups, drop offs or full service events in reserved event spaces. It will also allow users to connect directly with our Dining provider, eliminating the need to work first through University Events, resulting in both time saved and improved order accuracy.

1. Access Brandeis University MarketPlace+/COUPA
  • Brandeis Catering Services logoLog into Brandeis University’s MarketPlace+/Coupa instance or select the shopping cart icon from the Brandeis Login page.
  • From the homepage of MarketPlace+ select the Brandeis Catering Services icon listed under Additional Stores.
  • This will bring you to the homepage of Catertrax.
2. New Account Creation – Check Existing Account

To order, you need to create an account.

  • Click on Need an Account underneath the sign in.
  • Add your requested information
    • Your email will be used to confirm orders.
    • Input your office line and cell phone numbers, including area code.
    • Read policies and initial.
    • Password must be a minimum of six characters and cannot contain your name. No capital letters are required.
    • Join mailing list to receive up-to-date info from the catering department.
    • When you are finished, click Continue.
    • You have successfully created your account – you can now proceed to order.
3. Site Navigation
  • Select a Menu: FLAVOURS or Kosher DiningYou don’t have to be logged in or have an account to view most areas of the Brandeis CaterTrax website.
  • On bottom of the homepage, under Meet Our Team, you will find contact information for Brandeis Catering Department.
  • We are introducing new symbols to help you make informed choices when ordering as well as nutritional information – Vegetarian, Vegan, and Mindful.
  • You can view what is orderable by clicking on Browse our FLAVOURS Menu and then select one of the menu categories on the – breakfast, beverages, grab and go salads or sandwiches, designer buffets, served luncheons & dinners, kosher, receptions, chef’s fare, dessert stations and bars, a la carte desserts and snacks, pizza and cakes.
4. Create a Catering Order and then Purchase Order
  • Screen shot of adding an item to your cart, where you can add the number of guests or special instructionsClick on FLAVOURS and then the menu item tab that includes the items you would like to order.
  • To order item or package click on Details -> Fill out the number of guests and any special instructions.
  • At this point, you can add recommended menu item to your order by clicking on Add to Cart check box.
  • After adding all requested items to your cart, click Check Out to begin entering the details for your event.
    • Step 1 – Confirm Selection: Here you can choose to add more, update order or continue to check out.
      • Add more option – select additional menu item –> view details -> enter quantity -> enter any special instructions -> click order.
      • Review your order to complete step 1 of the 4-part order process.
      • If you make any changes be sure to click update order.
      • When you are ready to proceed click continue
    • Step 2 – Order Details
      • Pick the date you would like this order.
        • Digital calendar displaying Jan. 2022. Jan 11-17 are outlined in pink. Jan 18-31 (except Jan. 27) are highlighted in gray with bold red numbersIf your order date is within five business days of the date you wish to choose (those dates will be in pink; see image), you must contact the catering office (781-736-4304) to place the order.
        • If your date is available you will see a message that indicates that.
      • Delivery/Pickup Method - Choose On Campus Delivery or Pick-Up.
      • If selecting Pickup, please specify which location in the indicated box. Pick up is available from either the Sherman or Usdan dining halls. If you are unable to pick up from either of those locations, select On Campus Delivery for events needing in person setup.
      • Complete required fields for your Event Contact. (You can click on copy contact information and your information will be entered automatically from your Account Details.)
      • Continue completing all of the requested information, including (if applicable) delivery building and floor/room #/ name, service type and serviceware.
      • Enter an order name, the event times, and total guest count.
      • If you have any special instructions, they can be added here.
      • Click Continue to proceed.
    • Step 3 – Review Selection: Make a final review of your order, scroll down, and click Continue to proceed.
    • screen shot of online cart, with 20 Health Start and 1 dozen Honey Bran Muffins. Step 4 – Check Out
      • Choose your payment method which for all Brandeis Catering Orders will be - Purchase Order.
      • You can add email addresses here for confirmation of the order, however this order is still not completed.
      • Click Place Your Order. the system will then bring you back to Coupa, where you will review your shopping cart.
        • If not already selected please add the Shipping address (this can be your building location).
        • Update/add the billing information for the order: this includes your UNET ID, chartstring including Fund, Cost Center, Grant etc., as applicable, and also the Spend Category.
      • If needed you can add individuals to your Approval chain as an approver or a watcher.
      • Click on Submit for Approval.
      • Once the order has been approved by all necessary approvers, the Purchase Order will be generated and transmitted back to the Catering team for billing processes.
5. Manage Orders
  • Log into your account -> click on Manage Orders
    • Here you will see the order #, amount, date, event name, if it has been paid or processed.
    • You can also repeat or change your order here.
  • Click on My Account to go back to the main page.
  • Click on View My Catering to see your orders on a monthly calendar.
    • You can change the dates at the top to see previous or future months orders – make sure to click Go after selecting month and year.
    • The pin color indicates the status of your order - cancelled, confirmed, pending, change requested, complete, or paid.
    • To view the order, simply click on it.
      • When you view an order, you can see what has been done to your order, add it to your Outlook, request a change, print the order and repeat the order.
6. Request Changes to an Order

Note: Requesting changes does not guarantee that these changes will be made. 

Most Direct Way to Request Changes

  • Find your confirmation email.
    • Click on the Request Changes link – you will automatically be sent to the invoice for the order.
    • Make sure to keep the box checked indicating you would like to make changes to this order.
    • When you are finished, scroll to the bottom and click on the Send Change/Update Request button.
    • It will then send an email to the catering dept and the pin color for this order will change to purple, indicating a change has been requested.
    • At the top you will see the tracking history of your order which shows the date, time and what was changed.

Alternate Way To Make Changes

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to you order through Manage Orders or View My Catering.
  • Manage orders -> click on the envelope symbol -> this brings you to the change/update request form -> make your changes -> click Send Change/Update Request button.

If you are requesting a change for an order with an order date within the next five business days, please call the catering office at 781-736-4304 (Monday – Friday. 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to make sure they can accommodate the change.

7. Repeat an Order
  • Log into Brandeis University’s MarketPlace+/Coupa instance or select the shopping cart icon from the Brandeis Login page.
  • Brandeis Catering Services logoFrom the homepage of MarketPlace+ select the Brandeis Catering Services icon listed under Additional Stores. This will bring you to the homepage of Catertrax.
  • Click View My Catering -> go to the date of the order you would like to repeat -> click on the order you are looking for -> at the top right click on Repeat Order.
  • At this point, you can adjust or add to the order or repeat exactly what you ordered last time.
  • When you are ready, click Continue and follow the same directions previously discussed for creating an order.
  • You can also repeat an order by logging in to your account -> click Manage Orders -> find the order you would like to repeat -> on the right-hand side click on the double paper symbol underneath where it says “repeat”-> adjust or repeat order as is.
  • When you are ready click continue and follow the same directions previously discussed for creating an order.