University Events

Event Support Meetings

Have an event coming up in the next 6-8 weeks? Schedule an Event Planning Meeting with Chawney Weis to review the logistics and set-up needs of your event:

Before attending an Event Planning Meeting:

  • Please have the Student Event Request Form filled out with all the accurate details of your event.
  • Have an idea of what space(s) you would like to use - be open to several options in case your space isn’t available.
  • Have an idea of how you would like the space set up - send along diagrams if you have them. 
  • Know your budget and where the funding is coming from.
    • Keep in mind that there may be fees to rent furniture, staff the event, etc. 
  • Know what equipment you want/need, including AV
    • If you already have a space reservation, you can submit a request for SPS to service your event.