The M.R. Bauer Foundation Summer Science Research Fellowships

Bauer Summer Science Research Fellows

The 2020 M.R. Bauer Summer Research Fellows have experienced an unprecedented and extraordinary research environment. Brandeis underwent an extensive scaling down of research in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that brought all but the most basic research functions to a halt. As the Univeristy began scaling back up in May the face of research changed to allow all researchers to safely return to the lab. The need for social distancing and density control has changed the dynamic in the laboratories. The pandemic has forced a reevaluation of how research is accomplished, how new techniques are taught, and how labs maintain unity across distance. Brandeis faculty, staff, and students have shown incredible creativity in maintaining social ties and forwarding scientific research, with adaptability being a key component in 2020 research labs.

Due to the pandemic Brandeis made the decision to keep researchers safe and delayed the annual August SciFest, a poster presentation the Bauer Fellows participate in, until April of next year. We look forward to the amazing science the summer 2020 fellows will present next spring.

Ethan Crouse '21
Katz Lab, Department of Psychology

Shai Dinnar '21
Wingfield Lab, Department of Psychology

Laura Grunenkovaite '22
Sengupta Lab, Department of Biology

Paul Jiang '21
Pandelia Lab, Department of Biochemistry

Luochen Liu '22
Lee Lab, Department of Biology

Jessica Lu '21
Griffith Lab, Department of Biology

Leah Naraine '22
Paradis Lab, Department of Biology

Anna Kate Rattray '21
Nelson Lab, Department of Biology

Alex Rich '21
Berry Lab, Department of Psychology

Christina Xing '21 
Fai Lab, Department of Mathematics