The 2021 M.R. Bauer Summer Research Fellows

M.R. Bauer Summer Fellows

M.R. Bauer Foundation 2021 Summer Fellows

Over the past 18 months the landscape of research was changed radically as the spread of SARS-CoV-2 led to severely restricted access to scientific laboratories. As the pandemic progressed and the University implemented policies to allow laboratories to safely ramp up operations, labs were faced with the reality of de-densified spaces. An unfortunate consequence of the lowered density requirements was the decrease in time postdocs, staff, and students were able to spend in the lab. Undergraduate researchers were disproportionately impacted by the COVID restrictions through the 2020-2021 academic year and they entered summer 2021 anxious to make up for lost time. The M.R. Bauer Foundation's support of the Summer Fellowship program allowed many of our students the opportunity to reenter the laboratory full time in May 2021, reigniting the passion these students have for scientific research and discovery and reintegrating them into the fabric of research at Brandeis.

Emma Barash
Katz Lab, Department of Psychology

Julia Birnbaum
Griffith Lab, Department of Biology

Rachel Busby
Garrity Lab, Department of Biology

Elizabeth Chernobelsky
Rodal Lab, Department of Biology

Sander Cohen-Janes
Gieseking Lab, Department of Chemistry

Katie Ferguson
Theobald Lab, Department of Biochemistry

Emma Johnston
Jadhav Lab, Department of Psychology

Matthew Knotts
Oprian Lab, Department of Biochemistry

Zhilin Luo
Street Lab, Department of Biochemistry

Max Melnikas 
Xu Lab, Department of Chemistry