Web Editors

Accessible web content is usable by all people, regardless of physical or developmental abilities or impairments.

At Brandeis, we have a responsibility to make sure everything we put online from videos to photos to how we organize content and create links is as accessible as possible. In these classes, you will learn why accessibility is important and how to make various types of content accessible.

The following sessions are focused on the needs of most web editors.

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Trainings are held in accessible rooms when available. If there currently isn't a session available in an accessible room, please contact us and we can request alternate locations to hold the training or set up more sessions.

Accessibility 101 & the CMS

Mandatory for all web editors (regardless of templates used)
60 minutes

You will learn
  • basic accessibility concepts

  • best practices for creating content and how to implement them in the CMS

See current sessions for 101 & the CMS

Workshop — MS Word Docs and PDFs

Pre-requisite: Accessibility 101 or knowledge of basic digital accessibility best practices
90 minutes

Recommended for anyone who creates and publicly shares digital Word or PDF documents via web or email. Requires access to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and Microsoft Word 2016. Software is available for use in the Goldfarb and Farber computer labs and can be downloaded to any Brandeis-owned computer free of charge. See ITS for details.

You will learn
  • how to implement best practices for content creation in MS Word

  • how to properly export a PDF from MS Word while preserving accessibility features

  • how to fix most common accessibility errors in PDFs using Acrobat DC Pro

See current sessions for Word/PDF Workshop

Advanced accessibility training

Pre-requisite for all advanced topics: Accessibility 101 or knowledge of basic digital accessibility best practices

Appropriate for those who
  • need to learn about accessibility for media/file types not covered in standard training
  • already attended Accessibility 101, but want to learn advanced skills
    Topics offered include:
    • Advanced PDFs (tables, lists and forms) 
    • Implementing DIY captions
    • PowerPoint
    • Writing effective descriptions (alt text, captions, transcripts)
Sessions will be scheduled based on demand.

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