The mission of SciSpaces is to demystify the day-to-day of science for those considering becoming a part of the community, or are curious about working in research. To meet out goal we are providing a platform to connect interested undergraduates with graduate students working in Brandeis University Labs across disciplines. We have participants from Neuroscience, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Physics opening their doors. Undergrads will get to see cool research, and the human side of being in a lab! We hope to build lasting connections between SciSpace participants and mentors.

For more information, and to get involved, check out the SciSpaces website.

We are piloting SciSpaces Fall 2019, the format will consist of:

  1. Meet and greet coffee with your grad:

    Get acquainted with the group. There will be one grad for every 2-4 undergrads. Coffee is on us!

  2. Shadow:

    The grad student will walk the undergraduate cohort through experiments or lab procedures. Expect an afternoon of cool science in a neuroscience, MCB, or physics lab.

  3. Journal Club:

    This session will be an introduction to primary literature. When you sign up for SciSpaces we will provide a mentor along with a groundbreaking paper for you to read. Grad students will lead everyone through the experiments presented and help put them into context for discussion.

  4. Pizza Party Social:

    Free Pizza with all participants with an interactive prize driven activity.