Research Paper Exercises and Handouts

Finding a Topic

  1. Paper Topic: Group Exercise —Elissa Jacobs [DOCX]  [GDOC]
  2. Articulating Your Research Project (see also Example)

Evaluating Sources

  1. Evaluating Sources—Harvard
  2. Is This Book Relevant to My Research? (Handout Version)
  3. Is This Article Relevant to My Research? (Handout Version)
  4. How to Skim an Article
  5. How to Read a Science Paper 

Integrating Sources

  1. Integrating Sources—quote, summarize, paraphrase, put sources in conversation
  2. Active Verbs for Discussing Ideas
  3. Integrating Quotations from Outside Sources
  4. Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing—Purdue OWL
  5. Research Paragraph Analysis
  6. They Say/I Say

Research Presentations

  1. General Guidelines 
  2. Sample Presentation
  3. Using Zoom for Student Presentations—Bofang Li

Avoiding Plagiarism

  1. Plagiarism Infographic (PDF)—Emily Meyers, UCONN
  2. Plagiarism Tutorial—Cornell
  3. Test your Plagiarism Detection Skills—Cornell