Frequently Asked Questions



I have been placed in Composition, but I don’t think I should have been. How did you decide this? What should I do? 

Incoming first-year students complete a timed, online writing assessment in May.  Any student whom the grading committee believes would benefit from additional instruction in writing is placed in Composition. If you feel you would not benefit from this instruction, you may contact the Director of First-Year Writing Lisa Rourke. First-year students are also given a diagnostic essay to write their first day of class to determine that they have been placed correctly. 

I would like to switch into a section of Composition that takes place at a different time.  Is it possible to change my class schedule at the beginning of the term?  What do I do?

Composition shopping period timelines are posted on the Registrar's Schedule of Classes for each semester, as well as the process for obtaining consent codes to swap your Composition section. During the shopping period, students may swap their Composition section on a space-available basis. If you would like to switch your section after the conclusion of the shopping period, permission from Director of First-Year Writing Lisa Rourke is required. Once permission is obtained, the Writing Program will provide you with the necessary codes.

Where do I go with questions or problems concerning my UWS/Composition registration?

For UWS or Composition questions, please contact Lisa Rourke, or the general departmental e-mail at

Where do I go with questions or problems concerning transfer credit or academic advising?

For questions about transfer credit, please contact the University Registrar.  For academic advising, please call the Office of Academic Services at 781-736-3470.