Composition is an entry to college-level writing for those who need more time to build their writing skills.  As part of the writing progression at Brandeis, Composition courses are built around the same three essay assignments which exist in the University Writing Seminar. 

Students first write a close-reading paper, which allows writers to work on argumentation, evidence, and structure.  Students then move onto a lens essay in which they are required to use a piece of theory to make judgments about both the theory and another text.  In this assignment, students continue to hone their use of evidence and structure while complicating their arguments and dealing with more difficult material.  For the last paper, students conduct research, learning not only how to synthesize their findings into a coherent thesis and to write a longer essay but also how to use the excellent research resources at the University. 

Throughout the semester, students will participate in classroom exercises targeting different writing skills; they will also peer edit, conference with their instructors, and engage in lively discussions about writing and the writing process.  Students who take Composition are prepared to proceed into the University Writing Seminar, a course required for graduation from Brandeis. 

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