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Request for Writing Intensive Course (WI) 

FAQ for Faculty Interested in Teaching a WI Course


Faith Smith

"In the process of crafting sequenced assignments for, and discussing them with, the members of the Davis Program, I realize that in my regular assignments I expect students to know where I am going with an idea, but I don't communicate with them how to get thereor rather, how they and I are trying over 14 weeks to meet each other through a dialogue."

Faith Smith

African and African American Studies
Latin American and Latino Studies
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies


Sample Lesson Plans

The following are lesson plans for teaching writing in various disciplines. When using these or modifications of these exercises, please include the phrase "developed through the Davis Grant, Brandeis University."

See credits at the bottom of the page. 

African and Afro-American Studies




Comparative Literature


Near Eastern and Judaic Studies



Romance Studies



Credits: Professor Morris's biology class (developed with TF Jessie Stickgold-Sarah), Melissa Kosinski-Collins’s biology class (developed with TF Adam Jacobson), Professor Plotz's English class (developed with TF Lauren Holm), Professor Brettler's NEJS class (developed with TF Molly DeMarco), Professor Watson's psychology class (developed with TF Michael Sheehan), Professor Kryder's politics class (developed with TF Paul Herron), Professor Cunningham's sociology class (developed with TF Clare Hammonds), Adrianne Krstansky’s theatre arts class (developed with TF Celeste Radosevich), Sarah Lamb’s anthropology class (developed with TF Casey Miller), David Powelstock’s comparative literature class (developed with TF Ryan Wepler), Faith Smith’s AAAS class (developed with TF Anna Jaysane-Darr), and Cheryl Walker’s classics class (developed with TF Claudia Filos).