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Request for Writing Intensive Course (WI) 

FAQ for Faculty Interested in Teaching a WI Course


Professor Marc Brettler

"There is a significant difference between a course that involves learning and writing, and one that encourages learning through writing." 

Professor Marc Brettler (Near Eastern and Judaic Studies)

Sample Assignments

When using these or modifications of these assignments, please give us credit by including the phrase "developed through the Davis Grant, Brandeis University."



  • Citation: part one (pdf), part two (pdf)
  • Reading a research paper: part one (pdf), part two (pdf)
  • Overview of a research paper (pdf)
  • Introduction of a research paper (pdf)
  • Material and methods of a research paper (pdf)
  • Tips on how to catch and correct common mistakes (pdf)
  • Tips on how to write about science for a general audience (pdf)
  • The parts of a research essay (pdf)
  • Tips on finding references (pdf)
  • Tips on revising and editing (pdf)
  • Encyclopedia entry assignment 
  • News and Views assignment 

Comparative Literature


Near Eastern and Judaic Studies