Prizes and Contests

Write Now! and J.V. Cunningham contests

Write Now! Contest

Congratulations to this year's selected essays by: Norma Stobbe, Justin Chen, Leigh Meyer-Beyer, Rachel Luo, Kexin Tang, and Hina Patel!

Write Now! publishes essays written for Brandeis University Writing Seminars. We invite students enrolled in University Writing Seminars during the current 2017-18 academic year to select and submit one essay to be considered for publication in next year's issue. 

To submit writing for consideration, please submit your essay to Lisa Rourke via e-mail. Please include the following information in a cover letter:

  • your name, campus address and campus phone number
  • your summer address and phone
  • your email address
  • your UWS instructor and section

Deadline for 2017-18 is TBD.

Good luck!

J.V. Cunningham Awards for Excellence in Writing

Congratulations to the 2017-18 winners Johan Chung, Emma Farrell, Martin DeLuca, Xuantong Liu, LaShawn Simmons, Edward Liu, and Yuhong Sun!

Guidelines for Submitting Papers/Essays

  1. All Brandeis undergraduates are eligible for the awards.
  2. Papers/essays must be nominated by professors/instructors. Each professor or instructor may nominate one paper/essay, from one to 20 pages in length from Brandeis courses of any academic year. Papers from senior thesis courses are excluded.
  3. Papers will not be returned to the students. Retyping and revision after final grading are allowed but not required. All those who submit essays will be notified of the results in writing.
  4. All papers/essays must include a cover page that includes the following information: name and signature of nominating professor, title and number of course, category for which paper is being nominated, name of student, student's mailbox number, student’s email address, title of paper, brief description of the writing assignment and brief evaluation. 
  5. Papers/essays must be submitted to the English Department office by April 29th, 2019. Fall term papers may be submitted any time before the deadline. Early submission is appreciated.
  6. The J. V. Cunningham Awards Selection Committee will select the winners. Standards include formal content, substantive strength and originality.
  7. Papers will be evaluated within eight categories:
    • School of Creative Arts
    • School of Humanities
    • School of Science
    • School of Social Science
    • Creative Writing
    • University Seminar/University Writing Seminar
    • Interdisciplinary Work
    • Papers Written in a Foreign Language
  8. Up to five awards may be given. Prizes are $100 each. Awards will only be given in categories where papers are judged to be superbly written; in any year, an award in one or another category may not be made.

For further information, please contact James Mandrell.