Davis Grant Faculty Spotlight

"I learned to use three particularly valuable practices to teach writing.

"First, by talking about writing in every class session and discussing some pointers and at the same time stressing to students that we are all on a continual course to becoming better writers, I saw a change in the students in that they internalized this same attitude toward writing and began focusing on making continual progress.  This became one of their goals as well.  

"Second, by using concrete examples, many provided by students, we worked through many aspects important to clear writing.  

"Third, by sticking with one large paper that students wrote in pieces and then continually revised through multiple drafts, they focused on the process of writing and working on continual improvement."

— Professor Malcolm Watson (Psychology)

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Davis Grant Faculty Spotlight

"Writing an effective and passionate paper is similar to the steps taken to creating a character and performance.

"It's no accident that my students who write well are also great actors."

— Professor Adrianne Krstansky

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Creating a Consistent Culture of Writing at Brandeis

To fulfill the University Writing requirement for the undergraduate degree, students must take two writing-intensive courses OR one writing-intensive and one oral communication course.   The writing-intensive and oral communication component of the University Writing requirement is in addition to the Composition and UWS courses.

Courses designated as writing-intensive can be found in many disciplines at Brandeis, ranging from humanities to science to art.  These courses are marked with the attribute "wi" in the Registrar's Schedule of Classes.  

Students may see the full catalog of writing-intensive courses in the provisional University Bulletin.

Instructors: to apply for a writing-intensive designation, please fill out this form and submit it to the Writing Program at writingprogram@brandeis.edu