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Our Team


Brenden O'Donnell

Brenden O'Donnell is a PhD Candidate in the English Department. He has six years of experience as a Writing Center Consultant, and has taught UWS classes on popular fiction and addiction literature. His dissertation focuses on the discursive overlaps and conflicts between LGBT literature and addiction recovery. He holds a BA from Duquesne University and a Joint MA in English and Women's and Gender Studies from Brandeis.

Courtney Pina Miller 

Courtney Pina Miller is a PhD Candidate in the English Department. She has worked as a tutor in the Writing Center, teaches a UWS course on white trash, and teaches in the English Language Program and Gateway Scholars Program. Outside of Brandeis, she taught writing and literature courses at Loyola Marymount University, where she received her MA in English Literature. She holds a BA in American Literature and Culture from UCLA. Her doctoral research involves examining representations of the working class in transatlantic modernist literature.

Senior Writing Center Consultants

Jake -- English PhD

Jake is a PhD candidate in the English department. His dissertation examines the relationship between postwar conceptualizations of domestic space and popular genre fiction. He has worked as a tutor at the Writing Center for five years, taught multiple sections of UWS, and served as a teaching assistant for the Gateway Scholars Program. He holds a BA in English literature with a concentration in creative writing from Boston College.

Kalee -- English PhD

Kalee is a third-year PhD student in the English Department. She received her B.A. in English and French from Union University in 2015. Her research interests include Marxist and queer theory, contemporary American literature, and fat studies. She has worked as a tutor for over six years with a specific focus on grammar, and this semester she is teaching a UWS course on contemporary constructions of fatness.

Kalee is also the Writing Center's Grammar Specialist. She leads our grammar workshop series.

Dominick -- English PhD

Dominick is a third-year PhD student in English. His areas of study include modernist literature, Marxist critique, and the poetry of the radical Left. He currently researches the literary, geographical, and political affiliations between the Objectivist poets and the writers of the Harlem Renaissance. His essays have appeared in Viewpoint Magazine

Writing Center Consultants

Nicole -- English PhD

Nicole is a second year PhD student in the English department at Brandeis. Her research interests include the long eighteenth century, disability studies, the novel and print culture, gothic literature, travel literature, and feminist theory. She received a Bachelors Degree in English from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina, during which time she studied at the National University of Ireland Galway.

Kemi -- Sustainable International Development MA

Kemi is a first year MA candidate in Sustainable International Development (SID) at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Prior to Brandeis University, Kemi earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration at the CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She enjoys working with students and has worked with two student affairs departments within the City University of New York. She loves traveling, learning about new languages and cultures.

Sean -- History PhD

Sean is a PhD Candidate and Lecturer in the History Department. He teaches courses on decolonization and global history. His dissertation focuses upon the evolution of the political and cultural ties between France and West Africa in decolonization and the postcolonial period. He holds a BA in History and French from Denison University and an MA in French Studies from NYU.

Jared -- History PhD

Jared is a graduate student with the History Department. His research interests include American legal history and the history of capitalism. As an undergraduate at Rutgers College, Jared served as a writing tutor with the English Department while majoring in History and Political Science. He also holds a J.D. and M.A. in History from Rutgers University-Camden. Prior to Brandeis, Jared practiced insurance defense litigation with a commercial law firm in Princeton, New Jersey. 

Robert -- History PhD

Robert  is a PhD Candidate in the History Department and is beginning his first year as a Writing Center Consultant. He studies imperial and colonial history, with particular emphases on nineteenth-century British history and the Caribbean. His research focuses on the interactions between colonizer and colonized, particularly as seen through the experiences of East Indian indentured laborers in the British Empire. He holds a BA in International Relations from Harvard University's Extension School and an MA in History from Brandeis.

Rachel -- English MA

Rachel is a Master’s Candidate in the English Department. Her academic interests include literary theory and the rhetoric of social movements, and she holds a BA in English from Gordon College. She previously taught a 7th grade writing class in Lawrence, MA, and also worked at the Gordon Writing Center for three years during her undergraduate studies.

Habiba Farh -- NEJS MA

Habiba is a Master's candidate in the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies department. She received her B.A. in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies and anthropology from Brandeis University. During her undergraduate years at Brandeis, she was a part of the Student Support Services Program (SSSP), where she is now the Graduate Writing Assistant for students from first-generation, low-income, and immigrant backgrounds. She is currently working on an ethnography about Arab-American and Muslim-American youth politicization in Boston.

Sari -- Near Eastern and Judaic Studies PhD

Sari is a PhD candidate in the department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. Her research interests include the Hebrew Bible, early Jewish art and literature, and women, gender, and feminist studies. Her dissertation is on the reception history of biblical motherhood in early Jewish communities. Sari has taught on both women and gender in Jewish history and gender, sex, and sexuality in the ancient world in the UWS program. She holds a BA from Oberlin College in Religion, a MS in Special Education from CUNY Hunter College, and a MTS in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament from Harvard Divinity School.

Rebecca -- Anthropology MA

Rebecca is a first year MA student in the Anthropology department. Her research focuses are in biological archaeology with a focus on pathologies and power structures. She has a BA in Anthropology and Religion from the University of Vermont.

Emiliano -- English PhD

Emiliano is a PhD Candidate in the English Department. He has worked as tutor in the Writing Center and currently teaches a UWS course on narrators and perspective in literature and film. He received his BA and MA in English from the National Autonomous University of Mexico where he was also Adjunct Professor, and where he taught literature, writing and ESL courses. His research interests include early modern drama, seventeenth century religious and love poetry and English-Spanish poetry translation.

Liz -- Sustainable International Development MA

Liz is an MA student in the Heller School's Sustainable International Development program, focusing on Global Health initiatives and service delivery. She holds a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Political Science and looks forward to working with the Writing Center and Brandeis students this academic year.

Eric -- Musicology PhD

Eric is a PhD Candidate in Musicology. He has worked at various institutions as a reading and writing tutor for over seven years. Eric has a BM in viola performance from The Boston Conservatory and an MA in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University. At Brandeis, Eric hopes to further his research in text-based and semiotic systems of musical notation and the Haikai no Renga as a musical form. As a performer and poet, Eric is an active member of the Chicago-based touring ensembles, Focus Group LLC., Haiga Duo, and 100 Ducks.

Bishar -- Master of Public Policy MPP

Bishar is a MPP Candidate at the Heller School. He possesses both state and federal experience in policy advocacy and analysis on a range of policy issues. Bishar earned a BA in Political Science from Rutgers University. At Rutgers, Bishar tutored students in expository writing and other related writing courses.

Ali -- History PhD

Ali is a PhD student and teaching fellow in the History Department. Her research interests include nineteenth century American history and the history of medicine and public health. Ali received her BA in history and psychology from Anderson University. She also holds a MA in history from the University of Nebraska, where she served as a teaching assistant for numerous history courses.

Austin -- English MA

Austin is a first year Masters candidate. He earned a BA at Cumberland University and is is preparing his thesis on Graphic Novels as Canonical Literature.

Elizabeth -- Dual Social Impact MBA and Sustainable International Development MA

Elizabeth is a dual degree Social Impact MBA and Master’s in Sustainable International Development candidate at Heller focusing on Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Management. During her time in the Peace Corps, she advised and mentored university students starting social enterprises. She has written and edited communication including speeches, news articles, and marketing materials for multiple international organizations. She holds a BA in International Studies and a BA in Asian American Studies from the University of California, Irvine.

Kristin -- Conflict Resolution and Coexistence MA
Kristin is a first-year MA candidate in the Conflict Resolution and Coexistence program at The Heller School for Social Policy and Management. She has two years of experience working as a Writing Center Consultant for her alma mater, Cedarville University, where she procured her BA in English. She has also worked as a private tutor and free-lance editor for nearly 15 years. In her preparation to become a professional peacebuilder, Kristin is focusing her current research at the intersection of identity formation, trauma, and genocide.

Matt -- Ancient Greek + Roman Studies MA

Matt is a second year student in the MA program in Classical Studies and is a second year tutor at the WC. Matt's work focuses on the impact of Roman Imperialism on the provincial populations of the Roman Empire and how the intersection of Roman culture and local traditions created new societies. He is further interested in how initially marginalized populations engaged with with Roman material culture to negotiate their places within the asymmetrical power networks of the imperial system. Matt also holds a MA in Anthropology/Archaeology from Columbia University and a BA in Anthropology/Archaeology from SUNY Binghamton.

Caitlin -- History PhD

Caitlin is a graduate student and teaching fellow in the History Department. Her research interests include women's history, European history, and migration studies. Caitlin received her BA from Colgate University, where she majored in history and served as a peer advisor in the Career Services Department. She also worked as an English tutor and teacher for five years before coming to Brandeis.

Ripley -- Philosophy MA

Ripley is a first year Philosophy MA student. This is her first year as a Writing Center Consultant, but has previous experience as a writing assistant at her alma mater, St. John’s College. Her research focuses on the philosophy of mind, specifically the phenomenon of anxiety.

Jenny -- English PhD

Jenny is a PhD Candidate in the English Department. She has five years of experience as a writing center consultant and has taught multiple UWS courses on various topics including modern fiction, flappers and the jazz age, and 19th century women’s writing. Outside of Brandeis, she teaches introductory literature courses at Stonehill College.  Her doctoral research explores theories of the modern novel, the art of description, and intersections between literature and science. She holds a BA in English Literature and French Studies from St. Lawrence University.