Research and Art Initiatives

Small group of people seated in discussion

C - Change

Directed by Dr. Linda Pololi

The National Initiative on Gender, Culture and Leadership in Medicine engages medical schools in action-research to facilitate institutional culture changes that allow all faculty members and physicians-in-training to contribute fully and reach their own full potential.

Stella on ladder in art gallery

Photo Credit: Susan Eisenberg

On Equal Terms

Directed by Susan Eisenberg

The On Equal Terms Project draws on research, art, and personal testimony to analyze, convey, and address equity issues for women in historically-male occupations.

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Cascading: Downward Mobility through the Prism of Intersectionality

Directed by Dr. Karen V. Hansen

The Cascading Research Group explores the process of falling from a particular status in ways that trigger additional declines. While fundamentally driven by an economic drop, cascading coexists with and provokes multiple losses, which can in turn become a constellation of descents—social, interpersonal, aspirational.

19 century photograph of group of slaves with the heading "Beyond Slavery"

The Feminist Sexual Ethics Project

Directed by Dr. Bernadette Brooten

The Feminist Sexual Ethics Project works to create Jewish, Christian, and Muslim sexual ethics rooted in freedom, mutuality, meaningful consent, responsibility, and female (as well as male) pleasure, untainted by slave-holding values.