2020 Changemakers Banner

WSRC Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Right to Vote

Celebrating 100 Years of Womanhood Suffrage

In the Fall of 2020, the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University relaunched the banner campaign. This campaign celebrates 100 years of womanhood suffrage, while honoring those who inspire all of us in the fight for equality. A physical banner featuring these names will be hung in the Women’s Studies Research Center when it is safe to do so. We are thrilled to share the list of honorees and please note that the list will be updated as the campaign continues. We are moved by the touching tributes made to those who inspire us all.

“I want my daughter to always remember that we are in this fight for equality and voice and access together. We stand on the shoulders of so many brave women who came before us, and next to so many women still in this fight alongside us."

“Mom has been fighting for women’s reproductive rights and voting rights forever!"

“Honoring my mother, who is over 100 years old and who has worked tirelessly for decades for reproductive choice and for Planned Parenthood…a difficult cause in our state.”

 2020 changemakers

  • Mary Lothrop Bundy
  • Judith Perry Carpenter
  • Ruth Chance (In Memoriam)
  • Demitra DiLuzio (In Memoriam)
  • Tzivia Lipunski Friedman (In Memoriam)
  • Sonia Fuentes
  • Jessica Bixby Goldberg
  • Amy Nutkin Goldberg
  • Dr. Caryl I. Goodman
  • Sophia Sagen-Gutherz
  • Lena Rosenbeck Hansen (In Memoriam)
  • Karen V. Hansen
  • Susan M. Hartmann
  • Shari Hyman
  • Hilda Kahne (In Memoriam)
  • Helena Haugen Kanten (In Memoriam)
  • Nancy K. Kaufman
  • Joanne Mary Layman Laughlin (In Memoriam)
  • Cindi Little 
  • Lisa Lynch
  • Mirele Mann
  • Michele Quinn
  • Shula Reinharz
  • Gabrielle Rubenstein
  • Lynn Scott
  • Cathy Slesinger
  • Andrea Waldstein
  • Carolyn Williams 
  • Vivian Zwick

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